Bush House by Archterra Architects

Bush House by Archterra Architects

Architects: Archterra Architects
Location: Margaret River, Western Australia, Australia
Year: 2012
Area: 1,808 sqft / 168 sqm
Photo courtesy: Douglas Mark Black

Situated in a current clearing inside of a segment of leftover marri/jarrah bushland, this proprietor fabricated hedge structure tries to distil into assembled structure, the sentiments of outdoors under a basic protecting covering.


Diagrammatically, the houses’ basic rectangular arrangement is isolated east-west into resting and living zones and depicted by an adjustment in floor level and a thick slammed earth divider that proceeds through the house into the outside. The smashed earth divider likewise characterizes the section come closer from the isolates vehicle stopping region.


All rooms face toward the north to exploit the warming winter sun, aside from the principle room which swings to confront the southwest perspectives and appreciates awesome dusks separated through the vertical trunks of the encompassing tree covering.


The single washroom appreciates the same introduction as the principle room and opens onto the shrub by means of a glass way to give the experience of showering outside.


Two decked zones give elective approaches to encounter the outside – one open overhead for winter sun and star looking toward the north and a secured deck toward the east for downpour and sun insurance.


The rooftop plane ascents up toward the north to give a perspective of the sky and treetops through cedar encircled clerestory windows that give a warm and material differentiation to the reasonable anodised sliding door jambs.


Taking prompts from the Californian cases study places of the 40s, 50s and 60s, a 3.6m basic network finds pre-assembled steel outlines that empowered the primary bolster structure to be raised in a day and for infill timber confining to be thusly done by the proprietor developer inside of these casings under the sun and rain assurance of a solitary plane rooftop.


The stirred steel surrounding is communicated both inside and remotely, making a dull beat along the north and south heights. The mottled patina of the stirring keeps on changing as it ages.


Ecological supportability is natural for the outline: latent measures, for example, northern introduction, proficient cross stream ventilation ways for summer cooling and ascertained overhang overhangs for warming winter sun entrance are collaborated with dynamic measures, for example, influence independence from a 3kW ground mounted sun based cluster, a rooftop mounted sun based heated water tank and a worm-ranch blackwater treatment framework that inundates the greenery enclosure with supplement rich water.


All decking is reused jarrah, processed from substantial disassembled distribution center rooftop pillars. Roof linings are Australian Hoop pine from ranch backwoods and are done essentially with linseed oil. The plywood roof proceeds outside to the decks and overhang to highlight the indoor-open air feeling.


The house utilizes a solid floor chunk for warm mass, which has been basically machine trowelled smooth to give a hardwearing and savvy arrangement.


Outer materials were chosen to be to a great extent self-completed to minimize upkeep: zincalume steel, smashed earth, and glass.

For better use of materials and to create a more sustainable environment we need to care more about the reuse of the materials.

One of these materials is Jerrah. Jarrah is a Western Australian Hardwood renowned for being a hardwood that is extremely hard-wearing, beautiful, and versatile in nature. Jarrah decking is great due to its natural properties also include high resistance to weather, rot, and termites, making it valuable for a range of outdoor uses.

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