Miami Beach Residence by Luis Bosch

Miami Beach Residence by Luis Bosch

Architects: Luis Bosch
Location: Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Luis Bosch

This two story home is situated close to the ocean which gives it a completely shocking perspective of the shoreline and the landscape of the shore from each room. The ground floor of the house is outlined as a holding nothing back one living space with an open arrangement structure with a kitchen, lounge area and a front room.


The ground floor to the upper floor are joined with a staircase made out of wood, glass and metal that prompt a space where the private rooms and bathrooms are found. Through it’s sliding glass framework, the entire divider confronting the coastline can be transformed into a monster casing to appreciate the astounding sight.


In every one of the four corners of the outside parcel, there are a lot of palm trees and green greenery enclosures. This living arrangement likewise has a little dock so that the proprietors can stop a pontoon just before the swimming pool that appears as though it is practically coming to the ocean.

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