"La Lagartija” House and Bungalows by Alexandro Velázquez Moreno

“La Lagartija” House and Bungalows by Alexandro Velázquez Moreno

Architects: Alexandro Velázquez Moreno
Location: Valle de Bravo, México
Year: 2012
Area: 11.733 ft²/ 1.090 m²
Photos: Moritz Bernoully

“A weekend house with cabins to lease or host dear loved ones… ” From this reason emerges La Lagartija, situated in an undeveloped zone in Avándaro, in Valle de Bravo. The test was to chip away at two design programs in the meantime: the formation of a house and autonomous cabins, that could impart and connection to one another.

We expected to exploit the staggering normal perspectives. The proposition was to be firmly identified with the vegetation encompassing the property and to components, for example, light and shadow, or the sound of water and the breeze. Shape lines were utilized for the outline of the task, advancing assets and making perspectives of the lake and waterway. A standout amongst the most perceptible elements accomplished was that, on account of the accumulation of visual pictures of the run of the mill structural engineering of the zone, its typology was reinterpreted to reproduce it in La Lagartija. On account of the metal, stone, earth, and wood, we made diverse compositions that take the client back to the vernacular building design. Note that the principle shade of the house originates from the earth of the spot.

Regard for nature was key, so the greater part of the current trees in the territory were kept. The house was laid out sporadically with sharp points to skirt a couple of substantial trees and give them unmistakable quality. From the bioclimatic study led ahead of schedule in the task, protection exterior frameworks were presented, advancing ideal solace and noteworthy vitality reserve funds.

The spatial proposition, in view of compressions and decompressions and non-orthogonal tomahawks, permits the course to end up a human affair that makes diverse sensations for the viewer. As far as structure, the segments were particularly intended for La Lagartija keeping in mind the end goal to do loyally the introductory premise.”


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