Fioravanti Poolhouse by MDU Architects

Fioravanti Poolhouse by MDU Architects

Architects: MDU Architects
Location:  Prato, Italy
Year: 2007
Photos: Pietro Savorelli

The spot: a great deal with a fine view situated in the Bisenzio waterway’s valley the scene is a succession of lush zones, fields, olive-forests. The area is articuladed through terracings with stone dividers.


The venture points a noiseless insertion inside this scene. The pool is set on the more elevated amount of the parcel, a fundamental water surface expanding towards the greenery enclosure and the scene and contained by a half-submerged edge of cardoso marble. A way of the same marble prompts the pool-house.


The building adventures the current slant taking the type of a stone terracing set at the same level of the pool. The north front, inverse to the pool, comprises of a progression of stone pieces, got from the antiquated terracings stone dividers and framing a counterpoint to a nearby little lush region.


An ethereal volume “inclines” on the stone squares: it is shaped by a copper rooftop upheld by an edge of thin iron columns and it’s considered as a contemporary elucidation of the animal dwellingplace typology. It contains an abundant living zone connected to the pool and the scene through totally coated dividers with iron edges.

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