KRE the house floating room by no.555 Tsuchida Takuya

KRE the house floating room by no.555 Tsuchida Takuya

Architects: no.555 Tsuchida Takuya
Location: Tokio, Japan
Area: 3,552 sqft / 330 sqm
Photographer:Torimura Koichi

The most momentous solicitations in the different customers’ requests are “carport space for nine autos”, “the most loved auto in the front room” and “high tree in the parlor”. Since all the solicitation are not ready to be balance on the task site ,the of amplifying the lounge room, the building itself was planned as large “Parlor”.


Using the whole cellar, nine autos have the capacity to be parked.Lamborghini is my top pick, by a hand crafted lift is a lift to the lounge floor. At the point when the lift is brought down, making the framework shut other versatile floor.

001_Facade_1Different tallness and size rooms are coasted arbitrarily in the enormous living space.Structurally, light steel structure boxes are swung from or joined to the strengthened solid box.


These arbitrarily skimming boxes keep satisfactory separation and stature with the auto and the high tree and make appealing open space.Spaces under the crates have undetectable marginal and every space has the distinctive capacities as per the height.Though there are quantities of huge scale things in this house, rather than setting the typical layer of floors, irregular gliding boxes make the roomy living range conceivable.

004_Entrance_2 005_garage 006_garage 007_Living_1 008_Living_2 009_Living_3 010_Living_4 011_Living_5 012_Living_6 013-1_Living_Lift up the car 013-2_Living_Lift up the car.jpg 013-3_Living_Lift up the car.jpg 013-4_Living_Lift up the car.jpg 013-5_Living_Lift up the car.jpg 014_Air corridor 015_Children's room 016_tree in the living room 017_Children's playroom

KRE_1F plan KRE_2F plan KRE_3F plan KRE_detail KRE_M3F plan KRE_section

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