House in Kimitsu is located in the countryside of the city of Okayama, where fields and rice paddies spread out

House in Kimitsu is located in the countryside of the city of Okayama, where fields and rice paddies spread out

Architects: Kawakami Architects
Location: Okayama Prefecture, Japan
Year: 2014
Area: 1.453 ft²/ 135 m²
Photo courtesy: Yoko Inoue

“This “House in Kimitsu” is located in the countryside of the city of Okayama in western Japan, where fields and rice paddies spread out.


One of the characteristics of the house is its inner garden, three sides of which are surrounded by rooms. That enables you to feel all the time nature such as light, wind and greenery while living in any of the rooms.


By placing the inner garden in the center of the house, all the rooms are connected with each other through the garden.Therefore, this inner garden seems like part of the living room.


On sunny weekends and holidays, you can bring out a table onto the open veranda next to the inner garden and enjoy lunch with your family. You will feel as if you are having a picnic, though you are staying inside the house.”

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