Cube House by Agraz Arquitectos

Cube House by Agraz Arquitectos

Architects: Agraz Arquitectos
Location: Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico
Year: 2006
Area: 8,385 sqft / 779 sqm
Photo courtesy: Mito Covarrubias

The 3D shape house exhausts its inside, tossing itself and vanquishing the site with its weightlessness: in a geometric diversion that shows how volumes hand over against the geometry that draws the light and the scene’s geology”.

Cubo House (15)The house as a response to the spot where it settles. On the highest point of a slope sitting above the river. This is the way it is sorted out as indicated by how it actually exists.

Cubo House (1)In steep slanting landscape the house postures and partitions itself in two strata. In the first the honorable spaces are caught at road level coinciding with the general population life of the house. It is here where the lodge’s philosophy happens, the urn, an awesome space twofold the stature to ensure the profound respect of nature.

Cubo House (2)Once there, development happens, appropriating the haven in the territory’s profundity, first floor the hollow as a shelter, a space for insurance, where rooms and closeness discover a spot, existing together calmly with the perspective on the greenery enclosure that blurs away while the house rises, coming to its outside totality in patio pathways that bolster the nonexistent of the home as its very own position, predominant and defensive.

Cubo House (3)The motivation behind this house is being an exacting interpretation of a tectonic house thought, over a stereotomic one, as a quintessence’s refining of building design. At the end of the day “toning it down would be best”.

Cubo House (4) Cubo House (5) Cubo House (6) Cubo House (7) Cubo House (8) Cubo House (9) Cubo House (10) Cubo House (11) Cubo House (12) Cubo House (13) Cubo House (14)

Cubo House Back Facade Cubo House First Floor Cubo House Ground Floor Cubo House Main Facade Cubo House Section A-A' Cubo House Underground FloorCubo House Texts

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