T House by Onur Teke

T House by Onur Teke

Architects: Onur Teke
Location: Mordoğan, Turkey
Year: 2013
Area: 2,153 sqft / 200 sqm
Photo courtesy: Yercekim Architectural Photography

A house for a resigned couple who respected “the draw of the area” and settled in this Aegean town to begin an olive forest. As opposed to being a retirement venture, T-house is a sign of the proprietors’ determination to connect with life and methods for doing things in the field. It is planned as a family home to be utilized throughout the entire year and further fuses liberal work and capacity territories as a roomy working kitchen and a broad basement to oblige the changed exercises the couple retains themselves in (curing olives, canning, jam-production, and so on.).


The undertaking’s essentialness rests with its proposition to present an “inconspicuous curiosity” in a rustic scene spotted with what could best be portrayed as nonexclusive, deadened summer homes. It sits inside of the tight lattice of the olive woods and remains scarcely noticeable through the consider foliage trees if not for its steeply pitched rooftop—an inquisitive element, one that leaves a delicate imprint on the scene and welcomes one to investigate further.


The T-House shows up at home in nature. The dim of the solid surfaces and the serious tones of timber segments mirror the Mediterranean greenery and the geographical developments that characterize the encompassing scene. The general structure is broken into little volumes so as not to exhibit a forcing mass. Coated surfaces characterize penetrable openings which extend the inside spaces to the outside with a sensitive wrap-around deck serving as outside rooms circumscribed by olive trees.


This easy association between the inside and outside spaces is all that much with regards to the way of life of the proprietors who spend an extensive piece of their day in the outdoors. It is additionally a cognizant (though cutting edge and more straightforward) adjusting of the spatial topic of hayat, which is vital to Turkish vernacular customs and is reflected here in the arrangement of the house as a semi-open center for every day tasks and schedules.


The configuration of the T-House plans to put no strain on the site. The house is deferential of its surroundings and sensitive to the regular cycles and every day rise and fall of the sun. The mass of the building is lifted off the ground so as to permit the air to circle uninhibitedly underneath, along these lines latently cooling the living ranges. Coated openings penetrate through the focal center to permit cardinal winds to cross-ventilate the inside spaces.


The arrangement offers inhabitants a decision of two rooms, whose careful situating inside of the back solid shell is chosen by power of the sun amid the winter and summer months. The lounge room ascends to a mezzanine level to catch the evening sun which sets rather rashly behind the neighbouring slopes. The T-House in this manner goes into a dialog with the rhythms and components of the encompassing normal world. Theirs is a dialog in which no gathering overwhelms the other.


The outline and development process prepares neighbourhood specialties and ability. The T-House is not made somewhere else and sent off to its site for get together. A neighboruhood craftsman made all the woodwork, including the wrap-around deck and the fragile timber formwork which leaves the engraving of the wood grain on the uncovered fortified solid dividers. Thus, a nearby contractual worker was responsible for the development of the strengthened solid structure.


The task demonstrates the likelihood of saddling neighborhood assets and expertise to talk a general dialect (both formally and thoughtfully). It proposes a connection delicate, yet structurally brave configuration in a district far from the primary focuses of design movement and, especially, in a building society commanded by traditional practices. Pretty much as the resigned proprietors promise their dedication to the day by day life of their provincial group, so does the T-House endeavour to be a persevering commitment to the private society of an unmistakable scene.

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