An Der Achalm Residence by Alexander Brenner Architects

An Der Achalm Residence by Alexander Brenner Architects

Architects: Alexander Brenner Architects
Location: Reutlingen, Germany
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Zooey Braun

The area on a precarious south-bound slant required an entrance to the house from general society street running beneath to the site arranged around 12 meters (39 feet) higher. These conditions enlivened the thought of inserting a mountain pass street into the site, which serves both as a drive and a pathway. At the top end, one achieves a liberal piazza, which is encircled by low dividers. Right now, the site as of now offers glorious perspectives to the valley and to the inclines on the inverse side.


One can even see the Schönberg Tower, which was worked by Theodor Fischer in 1905 at the Albtrauf in the neighboring town of Pfullingen. The intense appearance of the tower with two white taking off vertical segments somewhat propelled the fundamental thought for the home. The white solid shapes of the “Haus a der Achalm” were, be that as it may, transformed through 90 degrees and along these lines transformed into a festival of the level.


The area on a precarious incline and in addition the related clear introduction, that is the covering up of every single living territory lastly the spreading out of the porches on the sunny side bearing extraordinary perspectives, decides the configuration idea. Just the tower on the right hand side of the passage roots the working at this area. Together with the open air stairs, it perseveres against the mood of the geography and underscores the passageway to the house.


Every single auxiliary capacity are suited on the passage level. The spaces for visitors are situated on the eastern side, whilst occupants and visitors achieve the spa territory by strolling west past the optional rooms and the workplace. A generally roofed loggia is situated before the spa, which specifically appends the sun porch and the pool.


All rooms utilized for day by day life are situated on the top level. The anticipating eastern wing confronting the valley obliges the private regions, for example, rooms, stroll in storage rooms, changing area and lavatory. The clothing and utility room situated here diminishes the separations to be secured.


The corridor with a void and a staircase unites this part of the working with the kitchen and feasting region in the western area. The complete corner of the connecting lounge opens up towards the patio, which generally as the parlor frames an independent, encased space on the northern side.

An-Der-Achalm-Residence-by-Alexander-Brenner-Architects-06 An-Der-Achalm-Residence-by-Alexander-Brenner-Architects-07 An-Der-Achalm-Residence-by-Alexander-Brenner-Architects-08 An-Der-Achalm-Residence-by-Alexander-Brenner-Architects-09 An-Der-Achalm-Residence-by-Alexander-Brenner-Architects-10 An-Der-Achalm-Residence-by-Alexander-Brenner-Architects-11 An-Der-Achalm-Residence-by-Alexander-Brenner-Architects-12 An-Der-Achalm-Residence-by-Alexander-Brenner-Architects-13 An-Der-Achalm-Residence-by-Alexander-Brenner-Architects-14 An-Der-Achalm-Residence-by-Alexander-Brenner-Architects-15

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