Bellino Residence by Mayes Office

Bellino Residence by Mayes Office

Architects: Mayes Office
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Tara Wujcik Photography

Contemporary Palisades home holds its encompassing regular feel. With the Santa Monica Mountains as a setting and the Pacific Ocean at its feet, the Bellino Residence was fabricated to be in dialog with its regular environment. Finished in 2015 by Santa Monica based structural engineering and outline firm, Mayes Office, this residence the Pacific Palisades involves two levels and a rooftop deck that bears a complete display of the California coast.


The materiality of the house highlights a cutting edge blend of wood, steel, concrete and stone – materials that consolidation easily with the charming environment. It is further coordinated delightfully with finished wood flooring all through.


As a component of a push to conform to the building tallness limitations set by the city board, the technique in meeting this test was to cut out an evaluation to make an extra level underground – multiplying the floor zone without adding to the stature. The “cantilevered” second level and rooftop deck offer heavenly perspectives of the scene, as well as don’t include any of the square footage.


Inside and outside spaces are obscured inside of the Bellino Residence, where normal light and cultivate spaces thrive. The principal floor of the house is lifted simply over the ground by the uncovered solid dividers of the storm cellar level which permit light the spill into spaces.


Light wells enter the spatial volumes of the home, and act at the same time as inside and outside course. The beat of the spaces in conjunction with common light originating from the patio space fortifies its association with the scene conveying another brain research to the idea of the cellar space.


The front room on the upper level components a 12′- tall glass pocket divider, which slides open to the encompassing excellent gorge vistas; in this way increasing the association between the house with its surroundings and totally dissolving the feeling of division with the outside environment. Gigantic sliding glass entryways open up the house to delightful gorge vistas, further dispersing the feeling of partition in the middle of outside and inside.


With able control of brightening and the strong void relationship, the general impact accomplished is a symphonious coordination in the middle of structural engineering and nature.

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