In The Middle Of The Village by STEINMETZDEMEYER

In The Middle Of The Village by STEINMETZDEMEYER

Location: Dalheim, Luxembourg
Year: 2009
Photo courtesy: C. Weber

This single family house was fabricated to supplant an old animal dwellingplace in Dalheim, a town 20 km from Luxembourg.


Working in the volume of the first horse shelter which ran into another house, the configuration plans to stay unassuming and reciprocal to the ‘workmanship deco-country’ style of the neighboring house. The storm cellar of the horse shelter with its vaulted basement was kept up as a stage for the new house. This was additionally directed by the vicinity of Roman relics in the nearby ground.


The house is produced on 3 levels. The ground floor is an extremely open space assembling the social living spots, from the road to the greenhouse: kitchen, eating and front room with a chimney.


On the first floor to the patio nursery side are two youngsters’ and one visitor rooms. The family space to the road and south-east side is obviously the heart of the house. The parent’s more private locale, similar to a lodging suite, is situated under the rooftop. An expansive dormer volume has been made to give a liberal space to the main room with an extraordinary perspective onto the greenhouse.


Clad in characteristic red cedar wood, the veneer inspires the presence of an utilitarian ranch building in the nearby custom, and it additionally gives the façade an uncommon materiality. The passageway window and entryway are in the same scale as the first animal dwellingplace door keeping in mind the end goal to interface the new plan with the old. Wide utilization of shades and sliding screens, different components of the neighborhood country structural planning, make the road exterior transformable, going out totally up to the tenants.


The back of the house which confronts the private greenery enclosure is nearly more open, including a wide compass of floor to roof coating.


As the old cellar is 6 meter more profound than the new house, an expansive porch expanding the living spaces was arranged, looking down onto the greenhouse.

In-The-Middle-Of-The-Village-by-STEINMETZDEMEYER-07 In-The-Middle-Of-The-Village-by-STEINMETZDEMEYER-08 In-The-Middle-Of-The-Village-by-STEINMETZDEMEYER-09 In-The-Middle-Of-The-Village-by-STEINMETZDEMEYER-10 In-The-Middle-Of-The-Village-by-STEINMETZDEMEYER-11 In-The-Middle-Of-The-Village-by-STEINMETZDEMEYER-12 In-The-Middle-Of-The-Village-by-STEINMETZDEMEYER-13 In-The-Middle-Of-The-Village-by-STEINMETZDEMEYER-14 In-The-Middle-Of-The-Village-by-STEINMETZDEMEYER-15 In-The-Middle-Of-The-Village-by-STEINMETZDEMEYER-16

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