Open House by Architects EAT

Open House by Architects EAT

Architects: Architects EAT
Location: Burnley, Victoria, Australia
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: James Coombe

This venture embarks to investigate the physical and material dialect of building materials. Utilizing timber as the premise we investigated how specific materials reacted to touch, sight, sound, weight and patina; while researching and deciphering their cooperation with regular lights and shadows.


Timber was chosen as the principle building material with an end goal to commend the contemporary Australian way of life, arranged inside of a cutting edge inward city setting. The space should have been be without demand while as yet being sharp and complete; it should have been be open and liberal, yet warm mind boggling and welcoming. With the craving to address these differing spatial expressions we utilized timber knowing it would empower us to catch these qualities while as yet having the capacity to keep up a feeling of union and request.


As you go into the house built Royal Oak floorboards, which have been smoked and limed surge the floors, dividers and roof, layering the space in a mise-en-scene like philosophy. The white washed smoked and limed timber sheets are utilized to epitomize the dark metal staircase which is suspended articulately to one side of the front entryway.


The sheets then proceed downwards from the roof collapsing to the underside of the kitchen bulkhead making warmth and isolating between the open living spaces. Recessed lighting channels have been deliberately recessed inside of the timber bulkhead to give the sentiment thickness and auxiliary robustness while keeping up openness between the living ranges; the recessed lighting channels likewise give a spotless current tasteful which is exceedingly useful and authoritative.


At the base of the stairs the first flight is reused Ironbark railroad sleepers which have been stacked and dashed to the floor, left generally crude and unadulterated. This motion makes a minute in space where the very refined staircase above and the built timber floor beneath, is increased by the differentiating timber and metal components.


The kitchen and lounge area open toward a north-bound patio encompassed by glass and Victorian Ash windows which has been softly painted, sanded and fixed making a relationship to the inner sheets. An expansive Ironbark section left actually weathered sits adjacent to a twofold sliding ways toward the north, spaning more than five meters in a Japanese yard house like way, where indoor and open air are consistently joined. The yard is completely decked with spotted gum which proceeds around toward the western part of the house and fixed with common oil; it is definitively insignificant and low upkeep, with just a solitary Japanese maple tree for beautification.


The Royal Oak built timber is likewise utilized as a part of the main room to make a sentiment warmth and comfort. This time the timber begins as a raised platform on the floor and wraps up the divider to frame a bed head, storeroom and storage room. A little bulkhead is made on the roof taking after the same direct board lines as the floor and dividers, wrapping the space to make a home around the bed.


As you approach the house at road rise spotted gum supports can be seen clad to the front wall; they keep expelling out from the underside of the garage and wraps up the eastern exterior of the building. This motion is to present the inward dialect of the venture while adding point of view and warmth to the differentiating white frame past.

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