Bahar House by Ayeneh Office

Bahar House by Ayeneh Office

Architects: Ayeneh Office
Location: Najafabad, Isfahan, Iran
Year: 2016
Photo courtesy: Farshid Nasrabadi

The place where there is the Bahar House is arranged in a moderately shabby range in Najafabad in the Isfahan region. The customers were a group of four, who planned to have a two-story house because of the little size of the area; the ground floor for folks and upstairs for kids.


Given distinctive lengths of the east and west sides of the task, we needed to set up the house with two unique sides, more on the east and less on the west. This propelled us to isolate the building into two utilitarian regions: people in general spaces including kitchen, front room, and the visitor corridor on the east and private spaces, for example, rooms and toilets on the west. This division into two sections empowered us to sort out spaces on the upper floor, apportioning some portion of general society range to the void to join the two levelsvisually.


Going into the house happens through the volume hole. At the passageway, a statue-like staircase isolates the private and open spaces of the ground floor, connecting the vacant space of the void with the general geometry of the house. Toward the end of the house, along the spaces that divide the building, we made a little yard that stretches out to the upper floor to shape a patio. In the north-situated places of Najafabad, given the immediate perspective from the houses in front, the southern yard is typically not usable.In dislike of this, the yard of our task gives the family room and the visitor corridor with a perspective to the flowerbed and window boxes of the northern yard and the sky, notwithstanding when the southern draperies of the house cut down.


At last, the undertaking façade was secured with white bond because of the customer’s restricted spending plan and the likelihood of actualizing smooth bended surfaces. Orchestrated with inside and outside, the Bahar House hasnow transformed into an incorporated volume in light of the customer’s needs.

Bahar-House-by-Ayeneh-Office-04 Bahar-House-by-Ayeneh-Office-05 Bahar-House-by-Ayeneh-Office-06 Bahar-House-by-Ayeneh-Office-07 Bahar-House-by-Ayeneh-Office-08 Bahar-House-by-Ayeneh-Office-09 Bahar-House-by-Ayeneh-Office-10 Bahar-House-by-Ayeneh-Office-11 Bahar-House-by-Ayeneh-Office-12 Bahar-House-by-Ayeneh-Office-13 Bahar-House-by-Ayeneh-Office-14 Bahar-House-by-Ayeneh-Office-15 Bahar-House-by-Ayeneh-Office-16 Bahar-House-by-Ayeneh-Office-17 Bahar-House-by-Ayeneh-Office-18 Bahar-House-by-Ayeneh-Office-19 Bahar-House-by-Ayeneh-Office-20 Bahar-House-by-Ayeneh-Office-21 Bahar-House-by-Ayeneh-Office-22

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