Customi-Zip by L’EAU Design

Customi-Zip by L’EAU Design

Architects: L’EAU Design
Location: Gwacheon-dong, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Area: 6,079 sqft
Photo courtesy: Park Wan-soon

Individuals from this present period who wouldn’t like to possess same item as others. Item gives tweaked thing by dismantle and reassemble in diverse blend. Accordingly, tweaked item is created per client’s taste. If there should be an occurrence of item redoing, ordinarily the maker or expert produce items per the customer’s solicitation, yet it appear as though it is concentrating on changing the appearance just. Today is positively a time when requires my own home, my own particular way of life, and individualized styles.


Construction modeling, particularly tweaking house is not simple. This is all the more so in light of the fact that altering the outside for indicating is very little significant in day by day life. The breaking point continues as before regardless of the fact that the format of every room named like parts changes. The house ought to be opened to surprising conceivable outcomes in structure that could be recombined all alone as per relative’s development and rebuild the life design per singular taste.


A house which we, the advanced individuals, who is exhausted by loft society can tune the new individual environment. To put it plainly, a house where we can split far from day by day life regular would be a house that permits self-curating dreary course and create new example. It can’t constitute our own particular ways of life and different circumstance by essentially laying out rooms as pen that bind to consistent spatial request.


Presently, the house proprietor of this present period will turn into a principle character and executive of our lives through Customi-flash as their stage where they can always alter and reconstitute their stories.


We might want to address interwoven of new exercises and particular altering space in Customi-zip.

1. Living Flex_A house where Patchwork new courses

Dreary ordinary life in countless lofts around the city is agreeable and natural for a great many people. In any case, the cutting edge individuals, who began to choose focused on life all alone, gazed to require the house to be upgraded custom space as per individual determination each minutes. We are attempting to embed by and large new redid programs for individual alongside imperative capacity for staying. Dissimilar clash of new settled capacity and new projects will give every day life that interwoven from commonplace tedious routine of dissemination to new exercises.


2. House from day by day life to deviation

At any rate once, everybody long for splitting far from the routine of day by day life. In any case, it is difficult to really execute “deviation” in our ordinary life. What’s more, we bother when we confront startling or spontaneous deviation. Till now, we searched for a house with lovely outside and agreeable capacities and we were utilized to carry on with a day by day life the house gives rather than an every day life for ourselves. A house that permits people who are utilized to the condo society to intervene their own surroundings and go astray would be a house where the proprietor coordinate the every day routine course and filling the house with his/her own particular life design.


3. Unconstrained acknowledgment of project

Loft that homogenize (Oneness) the life example of distinctive individual through vertically stacked institutionalized units are more like an extravagant “Enclosure” then a private space. In our lives, conceivable altering of appearance is trivial. It is important to set up a spot with setting of boundless conceivable projects to program and arrange the day by day existence with our own uniqueness.


4. Self Curating

Mass delivered judicious “Loft” which separates the space basically into rooms, family room, and kitchen without considering inhabitant’s way of life has limit in this perpetually changing present day circumstance. Presently “abiding” ought to be not the same as flat which just partition levels and apply foreordained capacities. We have to plan sensible structure of building with bottomless association of space where manages outside so as to permit relatives to reel off their stories per their states of mind each morning and individuals coolly accumulates in different examples. In this space, they are the chiefs who alter their day by day lives as per their own particular life designs and reconstitute it in engineering space as a stage.


5. Sectional intervention of provisional development

Individuals normally act startlingly in sorted out creation of engineering components, for example, tallness of floor, vertical divider, and stairs. On the off chance that we keep the every day routine in normal beat in a house that just consider practical requests with no design creation, there will be just uninterested weariness. In arrangement of sectional stairs, floor tallness contrast, and spaces with diverse inside/outside relationship, it proposes an open structure which can self-reconstitute relatives’ easygoing developments, for example, swimming, sitting and resting, and frolicking around together.


6. House change in time

By of the house for the duration of the day, required environment is unique in relation to one another. We have to wake up feeling new with morning light radiating into the room and we can drink some tea with comfortable environment toward the evening. Furthermore, calm and quiet air is required for night when relatives can appreciate playing recreations together. In this way, house can’t be manufactured per basic practical interest, for example, confronting the south and hindering the north. Correspondence with outside environment ought to be amplified by mirroring the rise and sectional outline that reactions to the requests from all bearing and from day to night. Physical edge of solid house will be a phase of alterable conceivable outcomes in different structures by an association with outside environment per day by day time period and the occupants’ exercises.


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