Carmel Residence by Dirk Denison Architects

Carmel Residence by Dirk Denison Architects

Architects: Dirk Denison Architects
Location: Monterey County, California, USA
Photo courtesy: David Matheson

The house sits on a thick site confronting Carmel Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Our customers were quick to be completely perceptive of this stunning setting in every aspect of the home. Accordingly the house was considered as a focal room included the patio, family room, and room, flanked by corner spaces for the kitchen, breakfast alcove, office and expert shower. Completely collapsing entryways/dividers nearby the yard from the front room and room actually open the full space up, and the cadenced edge of vertical screen components (strong mahogany and steel) make a free fringe that extends and packs along its lengths.


Seen at a point, the screen peruses murky, however saw nearly or straight through, the screen is unmistakably permeable permitting both light and air to traverse the focal space. Every single other room on the fundamental floor adjoin this fringe screen, making a reference of spot all through the house, and giving a dynamic perusing of visual associations as one travels through the space. This focal heart of the house is shielded from solid seawater winds of the sea by a glass rooftop, intended to take into account clear perspectives upward and to keep up a warm focus space.


The steel segments that stay the steel link and strut trusses are incorporated into the vertical wood screen – coordinating the changing cadence but freely distinguished by a profound charcoal shading. At the point when a clearing breeze is required, the substantial sliding windows between the workplace and the patio are effectively opened to permit full cross-ventilation. The house lives and inhales through the patio, and our customers live completely in this “substantial” room, notwithstanding absorbing the Japanese Ofuro introduced underneath the glass rooftop to watch the night sky.


The second floor is gotten to by an outside cantilever stair, which is fundamentally and substantially incorporated into the vertical screen framework. On the house is a little second floor walled in area between two yards with emotional perspectives. This space is principally utilized as a reflection room – and the substantial scooped sky facing window draws consideration towards the changing blue of the sky and development of the stars. Covered up underneath the inset Tatami floor is a visitor bedding, prepared to be uncovered for visitors to rest among the cypress treetops.

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