Beam House by Uri Cohen Architects

Beam House by Uri Cohen Architects

Architectes: Uri Cohen Architects
Location: Arbel, Israel
Year: 2010
Area: 1,930 sqft
Photo courtesy: David Adika

This home has been intended for a customer who wished to assemble his home alongside his ranch. The outline consolidates a portion of the utilitarian pictures of the farming structures here with the interest to the “bars” development of a ‘nation home’.


The house is separated in three parallel strips: private, semi private and open. Thusly, the likelihood exists to have the one (living) part with the (northern) light open to the yard and the perspective. The pirvate (southern) part is shut by solid dividers. Between people in general and semi open spaces stands a thick divider which contains the utilities, for example, the aerating and cooling framework, storage rooms, toilets, and so forth.


The light emissions rooftop lays on that ‘focal solid divider’ and candeliver to the living region. This keeps the northern glass façade free of segments. The range between the private and open region of the house gets to be somewhat a shaded ‘outside space’ which is likewise the passage hub for the house.

Beam-House-03 Beam-House-04 Beam-House-05 Beam-House-06 Beam-House-07 Beam-House-08 Beam-House-09 Beam-House-10 Beam-House-11 Beam-House-12 Beam-House-13 Beam-House-14 Beam-House-15 Beam-House-16-1 Beam-House-16-2 Beam-House-16 Beam-House-17-0 Beam-House-17 Beam-House-18 Beam-House-19 Beam-House-20 Beam-House-21 Beam-House-22 Beam-House-23

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