DPR Residence by Method Design Architecture

DPR Residence by Method Design Architecture

Architects: Method Design Architecture
Location: Pound Ridge, Westchester County, New York, USA
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: Taylor Deupree, Reese Campbell

In this critical AIA Honor Award winning Addition/Alteration to a current 1960’s Modern house on a slanted site in Pound Ridge, NY – Method Design was solicited to rethink three noteworthy angles from the present condition – production of a formal section, an expansion of an expert suite, and a reasonable re-cladding of the whole house. Our methodology fixated on a subjective reaction to the inborn qualities of the site, which included interruption of extensive old development trees into the quick territory of the house, the emotional hue of the site’s regular foliage, and the every day utilization of the tenants which endorsed clear explanation of private and open space.


Our reaction to these difficulties involved drifting another expert suite on a woodland of segments that strengthen a current line of trees and make a parade towards the recently composed formal passage suspended underneath. The segments themselves work as a complex basic framework where every tips towards an anticipated point at the focal point of gravity, giving an imaginative parity, security and balance to the new expansion.


The cladding and window verbalization starts to adroitly sort out and list both inside system and existing versus expansion. Open regions are point by point with a downpour screen of warm cedar wraps up the outside environment in which they are situated.The bigger windswept surfaces of the venture are given the more vigorous cladding of a bond fiber board downpour screen, with the darker tone being connected to the first volume of the house, and the lighter tones held for the new increments and changes.


The underside soffit of the new expansion which is a delicately collapsed surface is clad with weathered steel. This gives a warm differentiation to the rich green slanting site underneath, which unmistakably contains an outside volume of space that the first house had turned its back to by means of its siting. The recently discovered volume of space turns into people in general façade and door to the redesigned living arrangement. Guests approach by navigating this deliberate scene diagonal to the principle house and expansion, which permits them to encounter a more prominent spatial profundity of the undertaking before going into the pivotally sorted out inside of the 1960’s Modern box.


The rearranged inside of the living arrangement was pierced with profoundly surrounded narrows and windows that immediate perspectives to the outside. These encircled conditions are reflected into millwork, specialty dividers, and discovered spaces to make centered perspectives on esteemed questions, books, and even practical stockpiling.

DPR-Residence-05 DPR-Residence-06 DPR-Residence-07 DPR-Residence-10 DPR-Residence-11 DPR-Residence-12 DPR-Residence-13 DPR-Residence-14 DPR-Residence-15 DPR-Residence-16 DPR-Residence-17 DPR-Residence-21 DPR-Residence-22 DPR-Residence-23 DPR-Residence-24 DPR-Residence-25 DPR-Residence-26 DPR-Residence-27-1 DPR-Residence-27-2 DPR-Residence-27-3 DPR-Residence-27

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