Anton House by Javier de Antón Freile

Anton House by Javier de Antón Freile

Architects: Javier de Antón Freile
Location: Zamora, Castile and León, Spain
Area: 1,184 sqft
Photo courtesy: Esau Acosta

The plot is formed like the storage compartment of a long pyramid in arrangement, it is level and it gauges 2 ha. It is isolated in two sections, one, on the north side, secured by a vineyard, and the other, on the lower south side, where there are both deciduous (chestnuts, walnuts) and evergreen trees (pines and Holm oaks).


The home is put in the focal point of the plot, isolating it in two such as a stomach. It is an immaculate solid box opened in the center, where the living is set, by two substantial French entryways (9 x 2,5 m) in both North and South confronts which permit a complete straightforwardness that outwardly unites the vineyard with the trees.



Two inside components, bathrooms, establishments and kitchen, partition the house in a front room at the middle and two rooms, one on every end.


The openings in the solid volume structure two visual hub formed like a cross, one transversal over the living and another longitudinal that connections the rooms.


In the meantime, the pool range, converged with the volume of the house, upgrades the progression between within and the outside.

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