Montebar Villa by JMA

Montebar Villa by JMA

Architects: JMA
Location: Medeglia, Switzerland
Year: 2015
Area: 2,153 sqft / 200 sqm
Photo courtesy: Jacopo Mascheroni

The Montebar Villa is a pre-assembled wood house lying on an all encompassing spot confronting the Swiss alps, in an advantaged position with daylight amid the four seasons. An enchanted spot where the hush is exchanged with the tender rings of bovines at field out there, where the quiet breezes urge tree limbs and grasses to discharge and convey a sweet and fragrant air.


The venture was made around the nearby construction law, which forces every house to have a dull dim pitched rooftop for a superior reconciliation with the earth. Beginning from this imperative, the thought formed into a homogeneous arrangement utilizing the same material for both the rooftop and façades, to give the building a solid perspective, similar to a stone in the scene.


The main special case is the South height, confronting the valley, which gives a fabulous 180 degree view through a window ornament divider that encases the living range and creases inside making a loggia to be utilized as a part of the hotter months.


The house is put at the edge of an incline with vineyards only a couple meters beneath and around. It’s built with pre-assembled and thermally protected wood components, perfect for this kind of atmosphere, and the whole structure has been collected in a couple of days. The same stratigraphy has been intended for both the rooftop and the border dividers, with 22 centimeters of warm protection and a twofold layer of ventilation, keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish exclusive expectations of vitality exhibitions. The last cladding material uniforming the shell is a ventilated façade with porcelain stoneware tiles and an undetectable securing framework. To finish the vitality effectiveness of the building, the glass façade of the living range has a drapery divider with thermally broken aluminum level profiles and vertical glass blades, and with protected specific and low-e glass. Whatever is left of the windows have a thermally broken aluminum profile with triple protected coating.


A major a portion of the outline stage was spent examining a few choices for the outside cladding, keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish flush surfaces and acquire an unadulterated and straightforward structure. Each face of the shell has been planned tile by tile, with a dynamic example made with three unique organizations, and numerous tiles have mitered edges.


The same porcelain stoneware material has been connected to the hand crafted collapsing shades, to coordinate and adjust to the façade design when they are shut. The six-sided rooftop is balance toward the mountain and it’s aligned to have the biggest side with the same mountain slant, for a superior reconciliation with the scene.


Exclusive requirements of vitality sparing have been received to keep low upkeep expenses amid the four seasons. Other than the superior shell, the floor brilliant warming is fueled by and electric pump and all lighting apparatuses have driven lights. The cooling amid the late spring months is given by characteristic ventilation, with the colder air ascending from the river on the western side and intersection the whole house. The house, with living range on the south side, three rooms, a study room, two bathrooms, a pantry, a specialized room, storeroom and storage spaces, is composed on one level aside from the two youngsters rooms which are double height and have a loft with bed and tv.

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