Open floor plans and generous glazing allow for magnificent views

Architects: Dietrich / Untertrifaller Architekten
Location: Bregenz, Austria
Year: 2016
Area: 2.260 ft²/ 210 m²
Photo courtesy: Bruno Klomfar

“Located on a mountain overlooking Bregenz, House D′s open floorplans and generous glazing allow for magnificent views over the surrounding countryside and Lake Constance. The home is stratified into 3 stories, with the Entrée and utilities located on the first floor, guest and children′s rooms on the second, and Master bedroom and an open layout kitchen+dining+living room on the third. In order to strengthen the connection to the natural environment, the third floor also boasts a patio which wraps around the entirety of the building.

The geometric form of the home, combined with the architect′s decision to construct with concrete and wood, create a powerful building that seems to blend into the surrounding landscape. Furthermore, the attention to detail highlights the craftsmanship for which this region of Austria has become famous.”

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