Red House by ISON Architects

Red House by ISON Architects

Architects: ISON Architects
Location: Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Year: 2014
Area: 3,563 sqft / 331 sqm
Photo courtesy: JongHo Kim

YeonHui-Dong is a town where has been a living territory for preservationist upper-white collar class from the late sixties. It settled on a moderate slant from northwestern long and low slope. The front patio nursery of every houses are stepped up one story higher than the front road. A piece is made with six or eight parcels each of them are around 330m2.


In Korea, individuals dream about having an expansive greenhouse at the front of the house. YeonHui-Dong’s general town design is the clearest proof of this longing. In result, a large portion of the houses have neighboring houses on three sides with 2 meters wide open air halls with a low divider in the center. This commonplace course of action has decided the homogeneous state of the town.


My customer had four offspring of 1,3,5,7 years of age when came to me to ask the commission and now the youngsters got to be 3,5,7,9 years of age. He is a fruitful representative more than 40. He needed to give a space to every tyke and his own private room safe from kids to stay here and there in light of the fact that after the finishing of house he should invest more energy to telecommute.


On my first visit to the site, I firmly felt the decades old determined situating issue. So I chose to give a cross shape arrangement having four distinct yards of diverse parts each. At that point surprising inaccessible perspectives showed up and nearing old greenery enclosures were opened. Slender and pointless outside hall in the middle of structures vanished.


Situating the kitchen between two ale yards allowed simple overseeing of kids playing in both yards extending visual roominess of kitchen. On the long and thin yard I put the stair to way to deal with the passageway. To the last comfortable yard I shared a shrouded space for the customer.


Opened to four slanting finishes, the design presented to me another issue. The most effective method to manage the fringe. On three sides confronting neighboring houses, there were low dividers of somewhat diverse statures around 1.2m. 1.8m’s tallness regarded spread the dividers and to keep the protection. As material I picked metal wire cross section of 4 cm network. Effortlessly rusting nature of metal wire-cross section and its straightforwardness appeared to be great if Mr. Kim would consent to the rust metal for his wall . He concurred. Individuals were stunned of how Mr. Kim acknowledged with such an effectiveness. On the building sides of confronting wall, rather, I utilized 4cm wide thin metal plate with 4cm separation. This line of metal plates must appear and shroud the solid structure of house. The tallness must match to that of wall.


For the underground level confronting the road, I demonstrated the solid structure of the building. Having neighbors so close, to ensure a security of rooms the volume of the second floor more likely than not been shut. Pitched rooftop offers extensive size to the shut volume helping different rooftops to remember town and of removed slope. Two top lights are taking off up to the sky keeping slants of the rooftop. They are not so noticeable from outside but rather are sensational from inside. Seen from above, they adds an unpretentious horizon to the town.


I needed use material which has dumbfounding nature of separating and orchestrating for the second floor. The copper material which is not quite the same as other two metal materials utilized as a part of ground floor, it’s obvious completing with light reflecting surface will blur gradually in time coordinating to the red blocks of contiguous houses.


In conclusion the rooftop is wrapped with dark black-top sheet. This is to high light the concealed solid structure noticeable in the city level yet shrouds the structure on the first floor. I utilized three various types of metals in this house trusting that every one with exact part. Three diverse time of ready , in this way three distinctive method for offering an explanation to the connection being straightforward to its inclination. Composed by Jean Son

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