House at Pipers End by Níall McLaughlin Architects

House at Pipers End by Níall McLaughlin Architects

Architects: Níall McLaughlin Architects
Location: Pipers End, Hertfordshire, UK
Photos: Nick Kane

This new family house replaces a haggard farmhouse on 2 section of land site in provincial Hertfordshire. Arranging consent for the house, which is inside of the Greenbelt, was recompensed in light of the fact that the new house was exhibited to be more feasible in the long haul than repairing the current building.


The configuration of the new house is delicate to its setting inside of a current, experienced scene, including a plantation having a place with the first house. The house and the new finishing encompassing it are imagined in arrangement as five strips, portrayed by diverse materials: a shrubbery of silver birch; a timber bureau; a vitrine of timber encircled glass; a loggia of steel sections supporting a puncture metal shade and a solid reflecting pool.



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