The Memory House by A-cero

The Memory House by A-cero

Architects: A-cero
Location: La Moraleja, Madrid, Spain
Photos: A-cero

Situated in the region of La Moraleja, by the green where we can appreciate a private complex. It is most secure to advance urbanization as this resort highlights border interruption discovery security frameworks with concentrated administration from the lasting security for 24 hours a day, shut circuit TV, access control framework for regular territories single access framework associated with the police.

co_180613_01Security is improved in every loft with smoke discovery framework and gasses, alert, perpetual association with the control focus, hostile to ambush catches and stay tuned for vault area. Concerning style, these homes take after a cubic profile spearheading with completed characteristic stone and glass. By method for balustrades glass has been utilized as a part of distinctive courses, or with consistent boards or with staple sheets.


The veneer is a configuration of straight lines and outlines that outcome huge volumes recreations. For the partition of the diverse houses are organized corten steel sheets of distinctive lengths, obtaining a sculptural character. The studio A-cero has outlined likewise finishing, security entryway and every single basic region of the advancement. The houses have expansive greenery enclosures, swimming pool and a propelled computerization framework.


Once inside the house, access is given by a twofold tallness anteroom. Likewise highlights a winding staircase-molded, made of steel and wood, through all levels of the home. The inside of these homes are described by open inside that is overwhelmed with regular light on account of the glass boards of the exterior and vast windows. The principle component is the winding staircase completed in steel and wood that join two levels of the house. It is a completely sculptural staircase that passes on a feeling of development through the twisted structures.


The house is partitioned into 3 levels: cellar, ground floor and first floor. In the storm cellar you can find an administration range, a relaxation territory in which we discovered the silver screen and back rub room, and second room. The ground floor is completely given to regular ranges: a parlor that is isolated by the previously stated staircase, a kitchen, a feasting region and a patio where we see characteristic stone sculptural components. On the first floor are found the private regions: the main room with restroom and two storage rooms, three optional rooms and a corridor that stands by the perspective that gives us the huge window.




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