Origami House by Formwerkz Architects

Origami House by Formwerkz Architects

Architects: Formwerkz Architects
Location: Singapore
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Formwerkz Architects

Adjusting the idea of Origami – the geometric collapsing of a bit of paper to diverse shapes and frames we endeavor to delineate the guardian kid relationship in the way their home spaces are complicatedly compared inside of the etched volumes made by the collapsing of bronze metal planes. While the youngster is being given her own private space, the folks still need to have the capacity to watch over her now and again and remain a major some portion of her life. Thus, the lesser expert suite has a solid visual dialog with the expert suite in the lower living and the upper study while the other remaining regions appreciate full protection from the folks’ supervision. The bronze metal “sheet” shapes both the rooftop scape of the house and in addition the base of the room volumes.


The sculptural volumes coming about because of the Origami-such as folds of the rooftop planes are supplemented by a few other sculptural components or planes inside of the house such as the suspended timber staircase cum vanity to storm cellar powder room, the staircase to the storm cellar, the suspended light shaft and the shading trellis over the lounge void.


To encourage greatest connection inside of the little family, the thought of ‘to see and be seen’ is likewise stretched out all through the house. Exercises and development inside of the house are being “shared” through the different joining voids, spans, picture windows and reflections off the intelligent dark glass surface. Indeed, even the swimming pool that tackles the part of a patio nursery wall painting of intense flower prints is outwardly joined with the storm cellar and thus loans a pictorial setting to the different rooms in the storm cellar.

Origami-House-04 Origami-House-06 Origami-House-07 Origami-House-08-1 Origami-House-08 Origami-House-09 Origami-House-10
Origami-House-20 Origami-House-21 Origami-House-22 Origami-House-23 Origami-House-24 Origami-House-25

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