L71 House by OFFICE [AT]

L71 House by OFFICE [AT]

Architects: OFFICE [AT]
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Budget: $420,000
Photo courtesy: Wison Tungthunya

The L71 house is a solitary family house situated on the northeastern side of Bangkok, Thailand. The site for the house is a long and contract shape site. The greater part of the house projects, for example, 4 rooms, lounge area, and family room are set along the site to confront the North. Subsequent to the proprietors host intermittent gatherings, the general population zones, for example, family room and stopping, are in the front of the house, and the private zones are in the back of the house alongside a swimming pool.


The parlor mass was reached out to make private space for the swimming pool and the second floor mass was stretched out to make shading for the swimming pool and patio. In the event that the house is planned as one major mass it will square ventilation and characteristic light, so in this house every room is part to expand ventilation and regular light.


Following the masses are part, it makes some semi open air space to interlock indoor and outside space. Assortments of characteristic materials including water, grass and wood are embedded into every space.


The top of the fundamental house is twofold rooftop to cover the house from climate. The lower rooftop is strengthened solid section, and the upper rooftop is metal sheet rooftop. A space between the two layers of rooftop goes about as an air cushion, normal ventilation and takes into consideration simple support. Principle material of this house is painted put block divider and tint glass. Where the masses are splitted, the material of the splitted masses is wood.

L71-House-04 L71-House-05 L71-House-06 L71-House-07-1 L71-House-07 L71-House-08-1 L71-House-08-2 L71-House-08-3 L71-House-08 L71-House-09 L71-House-10 L71-House-11 L71-House-12 L71-House-13 L71-House-14 L71-House-15 L71-House-16 L71-House-17 L71-House-18 L71-House-19 L71-House-20 L71-House-21 L71-House-22 L71-House-23 L71-House-24 L71-House-25 L71-House-31 L71-House-32 L71-House-33 L71-House-34-1 L71-House-34-2 L71-House-34-3 L71-House-34-4 L71-House-34-5 L71-House-35

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