Buenos Mares Villa by RDR Arquitectos

Buenos Mares Villa by RDR Arquitectos

Architects: RDR Arquitectos
Location: José Ignacio, Uruguay
Year: 2009
Area: 900 sqm
Photo courtesy: RDR Arquitectos

The house is situated by the ocean in a special parcel on a tender shoreline, Jose Ignacio. The site has a moderate incline towards the ocean and its primary perspectives are towards the west and the nightfall. On one of its sides, towards the south, is one of the fundamental access roads to the shoreline, exceptionally occupied with amid the late spring.


The project is a solitary family country estate with nonstop use amid the late spring, and periodic use amid the winter. It is outlined altogether in a solitary floor that patios marginally taking after the normal slant of the landscape.


The house is framed by a progression of stone divider structures, isolated by yards and secured by an expansive chunk. This rooftop greenery enclosure is a solid level motion that relates the house with the nightfall on the sea skyline. Both components characterize the social territory of the house as a succession of outside, inside, and semi-secured spaces that interrelate making different conditions adjusted to the atmosphere variables of the site. The vast sliding windows transform the house into an awesome outside, shaded space amid the mid year.


The house is solidified on the south height, where the administration capacities are shielded from the wind and from the entrance road to the shoreline. The tower on the corner characterizes its unnoticeable vicinity in the scene of the town of Jose Ignacio.

Buenos-Mares-Villa-02 Buenos-Mares-Villa-03 Buenos-Mares-Villa-04 Buenos-Mares-Villa-05 Buenos-Mares-Villa-06-1 Buenos-Mares-Villa-06 Buenos-Mares-Villa-07-1 Buenos-Mares-Villa-07 Buenos-Mares-Villa-08 Buenos-Mares-Villa-09 Buenos-Mares-Villa-10-1 Buenos-Mares-Villa-10 Buenos-Mares-Villa-11 Buenos-Mares-Villa-12-0 Buenos-Mares-Villa-12 Buenos-Mares-Villa-13 Buenos-Mares-Villa-14 Buenos-Mares-Villa-15 Buenos-Mares-Villa-16 Buenos-Mares-Villa-17 Buenos-Mares-Villa-18 Buenos-Mares-Villa-19 Buenos-Mares-Villa-20 Buenos-Mares-Villa-21 Buenos-Mares-Villa-22 Buenos-Mares-Villa-23 Buenos-Mares-Villa-24 Buenos-Mares-Villa-25 Buenos-Mares-Villa-26

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