House on a cliff overlooking Lake Tahoe by Mark Dziewulski Architect

House on a cliff overlooking Lake Tahoe by Mark Dziewulski Architect

Architects: Mark Dziewulski Architect
Location: Incline Village, Crystal Bay, Nevada, USA
Year: 2010
Area: 8,694 sqft
Price: $43 million
Photo courtesy: SkitheFuture

The significantly soak site, 150 ft. over the edge of Lake Tahoe, ignores clearing all encompassing perspectives of the whole lake and mountains past. Five cantilevered levels, taking after the incline, express the diverse uses and their differing structures mirror the ideal introduction and necessities of the individual spaces inside.


Seen from the street over, the house is a progression of covering bended rooftops that are fanned out towards the lake, making a man-made moving scene that underlines the perspective of the lake and mountains past.


The house is largely concealed from the road and its fragmented form, cut deep into the steep slope, reflects the geometry of the rocky hillside, allowing it to blend in with its context. The main spaces overlook the lake through an expanse of glass, which is shaded with large overhangs and is angled forwards to reduce reflections. A vertical stair tower provides a strong anchoring element for the whole composition and acts as a hinge point, organizing the main spaces.

The-Lake-House-04 The-Lake-House-05 The-Lake-House-08-1 The-Lake-House-08-2 The-Lake-House-08 The-Lake-House-09 The-Lake-House-10 The-Lake-House-11 The-Lake-House-12 The-Lake-House-13 The-Lake-House-14 The-Lake-House-15 The-Lake-House-16 The-Lake-House-18-1 The-Lake-House-18-2 The-Lake-House-18-4 The-Lake-House-18 The-Lake-House-21-1 The-Lake-House-21 The-Lake-House-23-1 The-Lake-House-23 The-Lake-House-24-1 The-Lake-House-24 The-Lake-House-25 The-Lake-House-53 The-Lake-House-54-1 The-Lake-House-54 The-Lake-House-55 The-Lake-House-56 The-Lake-House-60 The-Lake-House-61 The-Lake-House-62 The-Lake-House-63 The-Lake-House-64 The-Lake-House-65 The-Lake-House-67

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