1001 Nights House by A-cero

1001 Nights House by A-cero

Architects: A-cero
Location: Madrid, Spain
Area: 22,600 sqft
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A-cero presents one of its later undertakings in single family properties. It is a solitary family house situated in an advancement in the edges of Madrid. Over a plot of 7000 m2 the building, with 2100 m2, ascends with an exclusive expectation configuration noting the proprietors’ necessities.


The entrance, through the improvement walkway, is put on a larger amount. Here is the property, mostly covered up by numerous bended dividers that appear to hoist from some water sheets over a stone covering in white, dim and dark shades, put intentionally as a piece of the scene here of the plot. Other than its sculptural elements, commonplace of the A-cero style, this side of the veneer expects the joining of the building in the encompassing environment. A wide stone way, with water sheets on both sides, lead us to a tremendous dark glass entryway that gives us access inside the property. In the greenery enclosure, taking after the wishes of the proprietors, there are palms, pome granate trees and Middle East vegetation.


The back exterior of the house, the most noticeable, benefits as much as possible from the slight slant of the plot, where there is the patio, a pool and the greenery enclosure. All the perspectives from the diverse rooms of the property are engaged here, as the perspectives of the lakes in the basic territories of the advancement.


All the building is wearing “dark villar rock stone”. In this some portion of the property enormous windows, with shrouded woodwork, are opened, accomplishing a great deal of light for within space. In the yard, the window in the primary lounge, of 10 meters, is naturally covered up, interfacing inside and outside.


The acceptable zone is made of white marble, the vase in the pool of blue gressite. The outside furniture is from the Rest gathering by A-cero In.

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