Casa HS by Studio Arthur Casas

Casa HS by Studio Arthur Casas

Architects: Studio Arthur Casas
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Area: 11,000 square foot
Photos: Fernando Guerra – FG+SG

São paulo-based construction modeling practice studio arthur casas has sent us pictures of ‘casa HS’, a private home inherent the wide open one hour from são paulo city. the 1000 square meter house is isolated into two volumes, one for the kids and visitors; and the other for the couple and the basic spaces. arranged on a fairway, open to the normal surroundings, the dichotomy between the two projects are produced in a flat plane for the guests which is differentiated by a block that has the folks.

Casa-HS-06-1Finished with tall trees and hedges, the long exterior is built out of punctured metal boards to give protection from the road level. These pieces can be opened to uncover the inside rooms. expansive glass sliding entryways are coordinated into the space’s passage changing the volume into a structure totally presented to nature. alternate levels of the building sit on a stone base which is terraced into the playing grounds.


Keeping in mind the end goal to not lose the residential size of the abode, the ground floor contains the front room, feasting and kitchen with a home theater and main room on the upper level. The yard makes the limit between the structure and guesthouse which stretches out to the swimming pool. A retractable rooftop permits the sun and twist to pervade the living arrangement with a vertical garden and water bowl.


The regular range has a twofold stature roof with six meter high glass entryways which slide to the side coordinating the space with the porch and yard. Underneath the house a private rec center, sauna and specialized ranges shape the living arrangement’s base which are cut into the high slant of the landscape.


Casa-HS-02-1 Casa-HS-02 Casa-HS-03-1 Casa-HS-04 Casa-HS-04-5 Casa-HS-04-4 Casa-HS-04-3 Casa-HS-04-2 Casa-HS-04-1 Casa-HS-03 Casa-HS-05-1 Casa-HS-05 Casa-HS-06 Casa-HS-07-1 Casa-HS-07 Casa-HS-08 Casa-HS-10 Casa-HS-15 Casa-HS-15-2 Casa-HS-15-1 Casa-HS-14 Casa-HS-13 Casa-HS-12 Casa-HS-11 Casa-HS-16-0 Casa-HS-17 Casa-HS-18-0 Casa-HS-18 Casa-HS-19 Casa-HS-24 Casa-HS-23 Casa-HS-22 Casa-HS-21 Casa-HS-20 Casa-HS-20-1 Casa-HS-20-0 Casa-HS-25 Casa-HS-26 Casa-HS-30 Casa-HS-31 Casa-HS-32 Casa-HS-33 Casa-HS-34

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