Residence orientated to follow the massive drystone wall running the full length of the house

Residence orientated to follow the massive drystone wall running the full length of the house

Location: Flinders, Victoria, Australia
Year: 2013
Area: 7.965 ft²/ 740 m²
Photo courtesy: Peter Clarke

“The house at Whitehall Road is positioned at the crest of a hill, to take advantage of sweeping views of the surrounding landscape. A grove of mature gum trees inform the location of the house; their tall and slender trunks countering the low horizontality of the building and providing shade to the pool and deck areas.


The overriding gesture of the building is the massive drystone wall running the full length of the house. It is cut into the earth, at once anchoring the house and countering the exposure of the site.


Orientated to follow the drystone wall, the house is a series of rectilinear pavilions. Downplaying the scale of the five bedroom house, the pavilions allow for a variety of outdoor, indoor and interstitial spaces. The character of the interstitial spaces is further emphasised through the use of fully retractable glazing and delicate cane screening.


Stone, timber, glass and render are the predominant materials. The heaviness and solidity of the stone and the scale of the timber sections provide a strong contrast to the large expanses of glass which feature throughout. Sightlines are carefully coordinated with the glazing in a sequenced revealing of the vast landscape.”

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