Mölle by the Sea by Elding Oscarson

Mölle by the Sea by Elding Oscarson

Architects: Elding Oscarson
Location: Mölle, Sweden
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Åke E:son Lindman

Mölle is an amazing area with respect to geography and scene, and additionally history and air. When the new century rolled over 1900, Northern Europeans were relocating to “Wicked Mölle” – where men and ladies were permitted to appreciate one another’s conversation at the same shoreline – leaving a hint of unpredictable and trial construction modeling from the first 50% of the twentieth century.


On the other hand, starting there in time and onwards, experimentation has been overwhelmed by preservation. Our common desire with our customer has been to recoup Mölle’s lethargic structural convention, extrapolating it into the 21st century, while giving a house to eras to come suited a liberal family, right away with one tyke.


The building communicates both complexity and delicacy in connection to site and setting. Its volume has been kept low, with no plinth or pitched rooftop. Confronting Öresund, the terraced site has a sea view, yet the building inquiries the tradition to turn all rooms towards that same perspective – the site has numerous qualities all around, with stone and block dividers, vegetation, and an old ice basement semi-submerged into a slope.


The building’s shape partitions the site into distinctive outside spaces and gives a delicately isolated succession to the inside. Not promptly distinguishable, the realistic type of the arrangement results in a building volume that fairly peruses as a fragmentised entire – from a few edges striking, from different edges perfect.


On the ground floor, a pilotis space wrapped in low iron glass, with sliding entryways and unified sheets of up to just about 7 meters wide, the patio nursery and its stone dividers outline the inside space.


The upper volume is laying on a slim steel structure in a sudden crash in the middle of glass and saw complete douglas boards in gigantic organization – a veneer which is the first of its kind, much the same as Mölle’s most renowned house “Estate Italienborg”, with its chess-board ethernite shingles exterior, was back in the days.

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