Pure White House by Susanna Cots

Pure White House by Susanna Cots

Architects: Susanna Cots
Location: Almuñécar, Andalusia, Spain
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Mauricio Fuertes

Immaculate white. This is the name we provided for this inside outline venture in which white was, obviously, the featuring shading. White as the whole of the considerable number of shades of light was the beginning stage of the undertaking: a house on the highest point of a bluff, before the ocean, completely attacked by common light.


The house is partitioned into five territories. The administration region can house five individuals and the improvement and furniture are all composed in white. The kid’s range, which incorporates the youngsters’ rooms and den, is the main piece of the house improved in hues.


The daytime range –dining room and lounge room is planned in a way that the outside appears to go into the house so when situated on the couch one can very nearly feel the ocean. The same happens in the kitchen.


The highest point of the building houses a block where the primary suite is found. The entire room is beautified in white with the exception of a dark cover that crosses the room and particular enlivening articles in silver as a mannequin and an edge over the boudoir.


At last, the visitor range on the ground floor, alongside the swimming pool, is cleared with the same material as the outside to coordinate both spaces of the house, all in one essence.

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