31 Carysfort Road House by ODOS Architects

31 Carysfort Road House by ODOS Architects

Architects: ODOS Architects
Location: Dalkey, Dublin, Ireland
Year: 2009
Area: 689 sqft
Photo courtesy: Barbara Corsico

Initially No. 31 Carysfort Road was a mid-porch, one room staying, with a solitary story back return and little back greenery enclosure. Our brief was to repair the current staying and enhance the association between living regions and the constrained outer space, while giving however much additional floor space as could reasonably be expected.


The tight site conditions alongside the strict arranging limitations immediately characterized the parameters inside which we could work, additionally started to propose the fundamental frame and state of the new back augmentation. This new structure was imagined as a straightforward structure which joined at ground floor level with the back of the fundamental house. It’s ground floor back rise is totally open to give a full stature coated association with the back yard while a comparative opening is given at abnormal state to permit south light to enter profound into the building arrangement over the bordering rooftop scape. Before this abnormal state clerestory a little office or study range has been given on the mezzanine, gazing down into the new living territory underneath.


Keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee the new structure to the back would not be noticeable over the edge lines of abutting structures, the back augmentation has been incompletely sunk into the ground bringing about a many-sided quality of structure and volume both inside and remotely. Remotely this new structure is framed by a reasonable confronted solid shell and a negative joint or outside ‘shadow crevice’ has been given around its sides and base, assisting it with hovering over the back yard and attest its own particular exceptional status inside of the encompassing connection.


A solitary entryway gives access to the back yard which has been given a coated outer complete the process of, sitting flush with the bordering altered, frameless coating area. Inside, a dark terrazzo floor has been utilized all through, set against white dividers, roofs and recessed, flush completing units. The front restroom dividers are clad completely with full stature sharpened basalt stone sections. The back yard has been done with straightforward white rock and contains a reasonable confronted solid deck/puppy pet hotel and an experienced olive tree.


31-Carysfort-Road-01-4 31-Carysfort-Road-01-5 31-Carysfort-Road-01 31-Carysfort-Road-02-1 31-Carysfort-Road-02-2 31-Carysfort-Road-02-3 31-Carysfort-Road-02 31-Carysfort-Road-03 31-Carysfort-Road-04 31-Carysfort-Road-05-1 31-Carysfort-Road-05 31-Carysfort-Road-06 31-Carysfort-Road-07 31-Carysfort-Road-21 31-Carysfort-Road-22 31-Carysfort-Road-23 31-Carysfort-Road-24 31-Carysfort-Road-25 31-Carysfort-Road-26

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