Luxury 2171 Sheringham Lane Residence in Bel Air Crest

Luxury 2171 Sheringham Lane Residence in Bel Air Crest

Location: Bel Air Crest, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
Year: 2010
Area: 9,500 sqft
Price: $6 million
Photo courtesy: PhotosforHomes

One of only a handful couple of contemporary outlines highlights at Bel Air Crest, including 6 rooms, 7 bathrooms and 2 powder rooms. Exceptional light and splendid home with approx. 9,500 sq/ft of living space and approx. 400 sq/ft extra secured space. No quality saved, broad utilization of wood and stone and glass all through with perspectives and colossal decks on all levels.


In addition rec center and indoor hot tub, media room/second family room, lift, wine basement, 4 indoor and 1 outside chimney, secured yards, access to terrace from fundamental level and to the unendingness pool. 4 auto curiously large carport w/extra 4 auto secured parking.

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