House AT by MIRAG Arquitectura i Gestió

House AT by MIRAG Arquitectura i Gestió

Architects: MIRAG Arquitectura i Gestió
Location: L’Ametlla del Vallès, Spain
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Jordi Surroca

The house is situated in L’Ametlla del Vallès in a slanting plot. Toward the east, there is a road and a gathering of neighboring private houses; toward the west, perspectives to the pinewood. In this environment, the aim of the building is to turn its back to the vehicular activity and to open itself to the environment.


Benefitting as much as possible from the qualities of the plot, we put the stopping region in the road level keeping in mind the end goal to arrange the tenable spaces in the floor – 1, where there is an immediate access to the patio nursery and a visual association with the pine woodland of L’Ametlla. Since every one of the spaces in this floor are masterminded in parallel, each room appreciates regular light: bathrooms, rooms, kitchen, dinning room and parlor.


The main space situated in the road floor is the studio, which serves as a kind of cushion territory between the stopping and the parlor. The house has two façades. The road façade is obscure, dull, wave-like.


Including only a window and an entryway, it detaches the house from the street and the passers-by. The patio nursery façade is the perfect inverse: it has enormous windows and is massively splendid. The broken lines that shape the façade, and also the structure of the openings, all react to the lighting needs of the inward spaces.

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