5 Iconic Accent Pieces Every Well-Designed Home Needs

5 Iconic Accent Pieces Every Well-Designed Home Needs

You don’t have to be an expert interior designer to make your place sparkle with class and style. Just a few must-have statement pieces or even sprucing up your existing pieces can go a long way toward transforming your living space from “blah” to “huzzah!” So whether you are undergoing a total renovation or just want to freshen up your existing décor – here are a few ideas and iconic accent pieces every well-designed home needs.

1. Replace Needful Things for More Stylish Versions

We all have practical things in our homes that are necessary for getting through the day. From appliances in the kitchen to TVs, some things we can’t live without.

However, these needful things often look old and tired, and they don’t do much to enhance the look of your home. Therefore, consider replacing these items with more modern or visually appealing replacements.

For example, consider getting a striking vintage turntable to replace that shabby-looking stereo system. Likewise, switch out appliances with new, modern-looking ones, and even get tabletop appliances in bright colors to give your kitchen a fun lift. You get the idea.

From vintage to super-sleek, exchanging needful old items such as stereos, TVs, or appliances with newer, more aesthetic pieces can make a big difference in your home.  

2. Adjust Focus on a Show-Stopping Statement Piece

Sometimes, a singular breathtaking centerpiece in a room can rock a viewer’s world. So much so that this one piece can minimize other potential home décor flaws in the rest of the room. That’s why you should invest in one piece to centralize the room.

Choose something that appeals to your taste. Realize that you might need to spend some serious money too. But once you do, you’ll see how that signature piece can perfectly tie a room together and readjust the room’s focus and energy.

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3. Give Existing Accent Pieces Some TLC

You can often overhaul your existing pieces and have a different and appealing look in your home. For instance, consider reupholstering furniture with new, fresh material. The truth is many people can’t afford to toss out the old and buy brand new when it comes to couches, chairs, coffee tables, and such.

While refurbishing your existing furniture might not be cheap – it’s significantly more affordable than buying new. Moreover, overhauling existing accent pieces is a smart way to transform the entire look of your living space for the better.

4. Introducing Little Items can Make a Big Difference

Suppose you’re short on cash or design savvy – no worries. Introducing a few minor items in your home can result in impressive changes that can greatly improve your living space. For instance, add earthy leather accent pieces such as throw pillows or leather sculptures for impressive contrast and texture. Also, consider introducing unique pottery pieces in living areas or colored glass accent pieces. You’ll be marveled at how thoughtfully placed texture, color, and pops of stylish pieces can revolutionize your home.

Additionally, think about incorporating area rugs in your living spaces. Play with rich textures and color themes that appeal to you. Things as simple as rugs and throw pillows can make a shocking difference in the look and feel of your living space.

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5. Well-Designed Wall Space Equates to a Well-Designed Home

Mastering wall art isn’t always an easy feat. However, if you thoughtfully plan your wall art’s design and layout, theresults can be astonishingly effective. Additionally, a well-designed wall can wholly transform the look of your home. Start by laying out paintings and hangings on the floor. Play with the placements until you get the right look, color, style, and theme.

Take a picture of the layout and then start hanging. This tip will save you a lot of time (and holes in your walls). Remember that nothing you hang is set in stone. You can always make changes or additions. The point is that your walls should reflect your personality and style and also convey what you love. 

In conclusion, we hope these tips on decor ideas and accent pieces inspire you to redecorate. As you can see, it doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money, and overhauling the look of your home doesn’t necessarily need a trained internal. With some thoughtful brainstorming and a fresh approach – you’ll be astounded by your results.

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