Signs That You Need Windows Replacement

Signs That You Need Windows Replacement

Windows typically last between 15 and 20 years in a home. Unfortunately, seals degrade or fail after this time, leaving you vulnerable to drafts and water seepage. Furthermore, up until around 15 years ago, most people used single-pane windows. Because of their poor insulation, these single-paned windows are less energy efficient than their double-paned counterparts. In this article you will find 5 signs that you need windows replacement.

1. Your Windows Condensate From The Inside

When condensation forms inside a window, it’s a sign that air is escaping from the room. Also, it indicated that the humidity level in your home is too high. Having condensation form on the exterior of your windows is normal and should not be a reason for alarm. It indicates that the outside temperature and humidity are higher than those inside. Condensation can also indicate that the airtight seal has broken down and the insulating gas has leaked out of your double or triple-pane windows. Condensation on the inside or between the panes of your windows is a surefire indicator that you need to contact a window replacement contractor in Newmarket for new windows. New windows reduce condensation.

2. Visible Damage to Your Windows

Damaged windows should be taken as a sign that it’s time to replace them. If a window is broken, water can easily leak inside, fostering the growth of mold and mildew and even attracting unwanted pests. It also makes your house more susceptible to invasion. You can ensure your family’s safety and save money in the long run by fixing a broken window immediately.

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3. Fading Furniture And Carpet Close To Your Window

Fading carpet, rugs, furniture, and decorative pieces that face a window indicate that your windows lack UV protection from low emissivity glass. Unfortunately, it has become standard in new construction. A tiny coating is applied to low E glass, blocking the passage of UV radiation and solar heat. It helps to keep your house cooler and protects your furniture, rugs, and drapes from deteriorating.

4. If You Are Experiencing Drafts

Heat or air conditioning in a house will most likely escape through damaged windows. This will increase the money you will need to spend on heating and cooling your home. It is estimated that windows account for a fifth of heat loss in the typical home. You should replace your windows if you can sense a draft near them or if you touch the glass and it is chilly. These days, windows are made to be both energies efficient and weatherproof.

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5. Increased Electricity Bills

By allowing sunlight to enter the room, windows help to mitigate the cold. However, drafty windows can increase your energy costs by a large percentage. Investing in new windows which are energy efficient is a fantastic way to save money on your expenses for cooling and heating. In addition, the money you save on energy bills thanks to your new windows will be a central selling point if you decide to sell your home.

Investing in new windows is a good idea if you plan to sell your home soon. If you plan to sell your home later, fixing the windows can still be a good investment since newer windows provide many years of use. Look out for the signs we’ve discussed to determine if your windows need to be replaced.

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