Renovation and extension to an old 1880’s Victorian brick house in an old suburb of Melbourne

Renovation and extension to an old 1880’s Victorian brick house in an old suburb of Melbourne

Architects: ITN Architects
Location: Hawthorn East, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Year: 2016
Area: 1.345 ft²/ 125 m²
Photo courtesy: Patrick Rodriguez

“This project is a renovation and extension to an old 1880’s Victorian brick house in an old suburb of Melbourne Australia. The new building at the rear of the house consists mainly of one large L shaped open plan kitchen, living and dining area with large glass doors across the rear verandah porch, as well as other utilitarian rooms.


The predominant materials used are white bricks, which continue internally on the fireplace reflecting the outside within, as well as a cedar timber verandah and blackbutt hardwood floorboards. The external skillion roof forms dominate the internal spaces and include highlight windows in the voids, and are a nod to the varied mix of industrial and residential building forms and garages and outhouses in the immediate area.


The interiors are largely subdued and done in a simple natural white palette, set off with a plain grey concrete credenza, honey coloured timbers and a smoky grey tint mirror splashback. Suspended pendant concrete light fittings also add to the mix.


The old front part of the house has also been renovated and upgraded throughout including new bathrooms and side windows. Some of the old fruit trees were retained and landscaped around with grass to suit the new backyard layout.”

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