Tree Stump Removal or Grinding the Stump?

Which Is Better – Tree Stump Removal or Grinding the Stump?

The decision to remove a tree from your property is an important one because it will change the landscape, and suddenly, everything appears much different than before. If you’re OK with that, another decision is at hand.


Which Is Better – Tree Stump Removal or Grinding the Stump?

There are pros and cons to removing or grinding the stump, but it comes down to what, if any, plans you have for the landscape. Tree stump removal is more intense and much more challenging work. It requires heavy, robust equipment to heave the stump and cutting and digging out the roots.


Tree Stump Removal

Depending on the size, the stump will have roots large and small that refuse to let go, which is one reason why it’s an arduous job that takes a lot of time. The combination of heavy equipment and determination will get the job done, and you will be left with a blank canvas with a large hole in the middle, just waiting for your ideas to take shape.

After you fill the hole, you can plant new grass or even a new tree for starters. The trick is to fill in the hole right away to avoid the constant eyesore it will become. Grinding the stump is much less physical and doesn’t require the massive equipment needed for tree stump removal.

Professional tree removal services can make quick work of most trees, but although they make it look easy, it’s a lot of heavy lifting and piece by piece removal until all that’s left is the stump.

Most professionals recommend removing the stump instead of grinding for some excellent reasons. If you think about it, having that stump in your yard or elsewhere on your property might not seem like a problem right now, but some time in the future, it might become a nuisance.

Your options for landscaping are limited, and you lose extra space that might come in handy when you’re planning a pool, for example. You have to shelve even subtle upgrades to the appearance for the time being.


More Reasons in Favor of Tree Stump Removal

As mentioned before, stumps are ugly things and serve no purpose. Stump removal is more expensive than grinding them down, but it is worth the cost if only for aesthetic reasons. That’s especially true if you’re in an area where stump grinding is impossible due to limitations like natural barriers.

A stump sitting in your yard can be dangerous to kids playing and running. Regardless of the stump is two feet tall or under, it still presents a real danger to someone. They’re taking up space that could be for better use.

If you ever get used to them in your yard, you learn to avoid them when you’re mowing the lawn, but what if you forget? They’re hard to maneuver around and if they’re not large, consider digging them up and removing them yourself.

You might want to recruit some help because they may look small, but the root system could keep you working at it for hours. After a few hours, you should be ready to wrap up the job.

Did you know that if a stump is left to decay on its own, it will attract termites, ants, and other wood-loving troublemaking pests? These are the kind that would love to feast on your house. It’s not worth taking the chance.

If you can remove the stumps yourself, consider how much extra yard space you will regain. You won’t worry about the root system causing problems in the future. That’s especially true if you have a yard that lacks space. Every little bit helps.


Grinding the Stump

Arborists use a stump grinder made for the size of your stump. For large tree stumps, they have to use the right size to complete the job. Tump grinders vary in size, and some are so large they have their own trailer. Typically, a DIY homeowner deals with smaller tree stumps and rent grinders from a local supplier.

Grinding the stump makes more sense because a stump grinder grinds and chews the stump to below ground level, preventing the stump from re-sprouting with growth around the perimeter. If the stump never gets ground down, sucker shoots begin growing, requiring constant pruning.

The shoots are a natural occurrence after a tree’s trunk is cut down, but this type of growth does nothing to encourage healthy growth. The sprouts turn into branches that need endless cutting and trimming.

Because grinding the stump is so much more efficient than its removal, it’s still the preferred method for choosing between tree stump removal and grinding the stump. The wood chips produced during the grinding process can get substantial and used for beneficial mulch for other plants in your landscape.


More Reasons in Favor of Grinding the Stump

Depending on the reasons for deciding to keep or remove a tree, several pros and cons exist for grinding the stump versus a full tree stump removal. That said, your situation is unique, and you will have your reasons for grinding or removing the stump.

If the reason is cost, grinding the stump usually is less expensive. A full tree stump removal is complete and final, leaving only a hole you can repurpose for a new tree or a new grass section. These are just a few of the choices between the two.

Grinding the stump and planting new grass will definitely help your lawn’s appearance and give you additional space, too. With that extra space, maybe a new garden or flower bed is in the making?

With the stump gone, your property has a higher safety level because small stumps present a dangerous trip hazard that grinding removes. Also, the pest problem mentioned previously is minimized.

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