Old school conversion into an apartment building in Amsterdam by Standard Studio & CASA architecten

Old school conversion into an apartment building in Amsterdam by Standard Studio & CASA architecten

Architects: Standard Studio & CASA architecten
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Standard Studio

“Ons Dorp is a school building that got converted into different apartments. This particular one was designed for a family of five. The teacher’s lounge got remodelled into the bedrooms and the classroom into the living space.


Due to its high ceilings, it was possible to create maisonettes, which lead for the whole family to be together, but still remain with a bit of privacy. It meant that in the living area we could combine all five elements; kitchen, living room, dining room, play area for the children and work space into one.


Storage is of essence when designing for a family with three young children, therefore as a result furniture pieces were created under the stair cases that not only allowed for the children to put their toys, but also as a play and sitting area.


Concrete floors and steel staircases kept the characteristics of the school but when combined with plywood, it resulted in a bright and warm interior.”

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