5 Ways to Upgrade Your Garage and Make it More Luxurious

Garage Makeover: 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Garage and Make it More Luxurious


Have you ever wondered how it is to have one of those spacious and luxurious garages you usually see in movies? You don’t have to anymore. If your house has the needed space to upgrade your garage and make it look like in a magazine, there is no wasting time.

Giving your garage a makeover might seem easy. However, it can be a challenge to find the most suitable doors, the perfect lighting, or the final touches when it comes to interior design. The good news is that, with the proper guidance, this experience can be less stressful and more enjoyable. In any way, it will definitely be worthwhile when you see the result. The key is to take it step by step, list your essential steps and items, and check each of them one by one. 

For instance, if you are uncertain about what type of lighting you should get, take your time to research your options. Depending on the type of garage you want, if it’s outdoors or indoors, it might interest you to get LED lights used for parking lots, such as the ones found on No matter how you want to upgrade your garage and whether you have an outdoor space as well, you will be able to find suitable ways to make it look luxurious with the right guidance. 

Here’s how you could get started:

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1. Choose a functional yet appealing door

Even if you are doing a makeover to your garage, as you want the final result to look stylish, it is still a garage. This means that functionality should still be a top priority during the makeover process. There are ways in which you can redecorate and improve a space without losing its practicality. So, it is vital you choose a garage door that is easy to use. 

For instance, a good-quality wooden door might not be an ideal choice when it comes to garage renovation. Having to manually operate a heavy door that you will probably use quite often will make your job harder than it should be. Therefore, an automatic door made from a lighter material is the obvious better alternative. One of the best materials for garage doors is steel. This is because this material is the most cost-effective choice. Steel garage doors are durable, well priced, and you can tailor the style as you please.


2. Insulate the entire space

Before you get to the decorating phase, where you will choose all the details that make the garage look luxurious, it is necessary you accommodate the space with insulation and ventilation. 

Whether your garage is attached to the house or not, it is of the utmost importance you insulate the space – walls and ceiling. This will preserve the room against extreme weather conditions. Offering a layer of protection when there are high and low temperatures during summer and winter is beneficial for your vehicle. It is recommended that you also insulate the door to make sure there won’t be any air draft within the garage. 

What’s more, apart from insulation, it is crucial you install vents. Otherwise, the air quality indoors can decrease. Ventilation is a necessary aspect in such spaces as a garage to diminish indoor pollutants. Besides, this way, you avoid getting mold, as you can control the air humidity.

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3. Choose the appropriate lighting

The right lighting is vital in a garage. Whether you want motion-sensitive lights or not, it is crucial you install lighting fixtures that not only complement the space but are practical and bright enough. For instance, using single end power LED tubes like the ones from LEPRO that are easy to install could be an effective lighting option. Especially during nighttime, when you need a bright and white light.

The appropriate lighting also means installing spotlights or other types of fixtures that create a stylish aesthetic and give the space its luxurious twist. An idea could be to include warm light spotlights with an intensity dimmer that you can adjust as you please. This fixture can be installed either in the ceiling or on the walls, hidden in a way that you don’t see the bulb but just the light they create. 

With the proper lighting, your luxurious garage is almost finished. LED tubes that are practical and mood lighting that creates an atmosphere that compliments your car beautifully are an excellent combination. 


4. Choose the glass window types 

You are almost at the finish line. Choosing the right window type is the ultimate detail that can upgrade your garage. For instance, if you have the possibility, you could install a ceiling to floor window that lets in more natural light. Doing this will make the garage appear more specious. Plus, imagine how the car will look like with sun rays falling on it.

Glazed windows allow more natural light to enter the space. However, given that you can clearly see through them, you might prefer an option that offers more privacy. So, if you are anxious regarding security and you like having a piece of mind, windows with laminated glass are a better alternative.

It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as your garage will look how you have imagined it. Ultimately, what matters is to have a space that you love, an extension to your house that looks luxurious.


5. Add your favorite interior design touches

Now that you are almost done with your garage makeover, you can take all the time you need to choose the interior design touches that really bring the entire space together. Depending on your preferences, whether you like the minimalist style or you prefer a more classic look, it is essential not to rush your decisions when wish to upgrade your garage. Only this way can you achieve the luxurious feel you desire.

Some people might think that it isn’t necessary to pay much attention to details when it comes to upgrading the look of a garage. However, it is vital you bring it up to the standard of the rest of the house. Therefore, do not refrain from adding eccentric details, like a display window. 

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