SJC House by Agraz Arquitectos

SJC House by Agraz Arquitectos

Architects: Agraz Arquitectos
Location: San Juan Cosala, Jalisco, Mexico
Year: 2011
Area: 5,920 sqft / 550 sqm
Photo courtesy: Mito Covarrubias

Situated in the edge of the Chapala Lake, the SJC House is an alternate methodology for the firm while being a recreation structural engineering task. It is a weekend house with the principle plan objective to allow the perspective of the biggest Mexican characteristic lake from each and every one of its premises. With a North-South introduction and a passageway by the Chapala-San Juan Cosala (SJC) principle street, it has a beautiful water front. This is the means by which the house is laid inside of a keen separation from the street, utilizing this space as a starting greenery enclosure for the lake.

Casa SJC 1

In the principle façade, both auto and person on foot access are put, producing a square that additionally acts as a hid stopping, with the goal that occupants can disregard their vehicles amid their remain. Also, there as well, on the western side of the territory, is a finished attendant cabin.

Casa SJC (1)

This greenery enclosure which turns into an outskirts between the house and the street is furnished with a way that prompts the principle entryway and there, a twofold stature anteroom where the stairway goes to the top floor. From the lobby on first floor is the entrance to dinning and lounge rooms, with bar and wine basement, specifically joined with the kitchen that can be incorporated additionally isolated from them by the administration regions behind it. This is the place clothing, shower and yard, as well as pool changing areas seem to be.

Casa SJC (2)

What’s more, as the considerable inlet and mountain window it is, the living and dinning rooms have duration on to the porch where an extensive sunshade was put. This spot offers open air diversion when the climate permits it, inside when it downpours or both (inside and outside) for distinctive ambiences in one same occasion. The patio is additionally the spot where the boundlessness pool is and where simulated and common landscapes meet up.

Casa SJC (3)

By and by inside the house, the “l” stairway prompts the upper lobby that appreciates the other perspective, the one that watches out to the street and the mountains of San Juan Cosala. Directing to the four inn rooms of the house, intended for family and visitors, all have shower and changing areas, and here too is the place the principle suite is with private porch and perspective.

Casa SJC (4)

With ease however not effortlessness, the SJC House’s answer is the consequence of a belvedere that permits the thought of light, hues and climate in every one of the year’s children of this delightful and stunning Mexican lake that is a characteristic cyclorama for this water front undertaking

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