SANTPERE47 by Miel Arquitectos

SANTPERE47 by Miel Arquitectos

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Area: 105 sqm

Year: 2008

Photo courtesy: Nuria Vila


The alteration of the flat SANTPERE47 is a rereading of the spatial structure of the typical Barcelona’s Example flat of the end of the 19th century, succession of isolated rooms and disconnected courts. It was reading the flat when we discovered a geometric coincidence in the Cartesian plot, a diagonal axis that followed the hollows of the entrance’s door, of an intermediate pass throw and of one of the large windows faced to the street.miel-santpere47_foto 01-p

Two golden guides re-follow the bodies that slip on both sides of the diagonal, two technical guides that support the wired up, lighting, guides of doors and a sliding stairs. These golden lines establish a horizontal division in the flat: up to 2,20 m it flows the living space and above the given space floats, with another scale organizes mezzanines of storage, bottle racks, the entry of zenithal light in the bath or a polyvalent room.miel-santpere47_foto 02-p

SANTPERE47 is a fresh dialog with his origins that one discovers between the golden art craft ceiling of the dining room and the dance of drops of illuminated water, in the tactile experience of the girders of wood that support the floor within reach of your hands in the mezzanine or in the stairs – furniture that riches it formed by the mosaic re-consisted of the old living, which reflection multiplies like a magic carpet.

miel-santpere47_foto 03-p miel-santpere47_foto 04-p miel-santpere47_foto 05-p miel-santpere47_foto 06-p miel-santpere47_foto 07-p MIEL-SANTPERE47_foto 08-P miel-santpere47_foto 09-p miel-santpere47_foto 10-p miel-santpere47_foto 11-p miel-santpere47_foto 12-p miel-santpere47_foto 13-p miel-santpere47_foto 15-p


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