Woonhuis M Residence by WillemsenU Architecten

Woonhuis M Residence by WillemsenU Architecten

Architects: WillemsenU Architecten
Location: North Brabant, The Netherlands
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Hugo de Heij & Culimaat

A conventional home has experienced an extreme makeover: the majority of the superfluous components were expelled from the old house and the building was clad with another protected exterior so that an unmistakable, conspicuous structure would remain.


The design of the old house from the 1960s, arranged on the edges of a town in the south of the Netherlands, did no more address the issues of the family’s evolving way of life. The customers needed more space for their two developing youngsters and for working at home. They needed to take this chance to understand their longing to associate with the encompassing scene, which had inspired them to purchase the home. By augmenting the house on one side, additional living space is made on the ground floor, offering space for the business home office, and additional space is accommodated a carport and a garage. The augmentation likewise made it conceivable to make bigger rooms for the youngsters on the upper floor.


The current design, described by to some degree cramped rooms, was changed into a sensible, roomy arrangement. The lounge room has been moved from the front of the house to the back of the house, where huge window openings on two sides of the open living space offer perspectives of the encompassing scene. By developing the current house and reorienting the design towards the farmland, the house offers security in the city side and is open at the back.


The center of each of the living spaces lies on the patio nursery and the lovely scene. Extraordinarily planned components, for example, the chimney and the substantial kitchen unit that transforms into a feasting table, partition the open arrangement into a few territories, each with its own particular climate. The feel of every space is improved by the perspectives of nature, not the same as every space.


Another shell conceals the new building augmentation and the current, customary building—white stucco, rooftop tiles, dull green wooden window casings and grid windows—, uniting the spaces. By the reflection of the trademark components, for example, the dormer windows and the side gallery, of the current house and cladding the entire building with a dull dark completion, of material shingles and safeguarded timber siding, a solitary building rises with a contemporary, clean-cut appearance. The veneer is receptive to the attributes of the spaces behind it: in the city side and the passage side there are inside coordinated rooms behind an overwhelmingly shut building shell, while on the private side the living spaces are completely associated with the surroundings through the open exterior.


The inside, the house and the surroundings together constitute a solitary far reaching configuration. Every one of the parts are united to shape a totally new, modernized and reasonable home with an alternate introduction, additional space and another, protected facade.

Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-06 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-07 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-08 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-09 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-10 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-11 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-12 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-13 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-14 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-15 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-16 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-17 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-18 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-19 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-20 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-21 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-22 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-23 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-24 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-25 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-26 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-27 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-28 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-29 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-30 Woonhuis-M-Residence-by-WillemsenU-Architecten-31

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