7 Ideas For A Cozy Bedroom On A Budget

7 Ideas For A Cozy Bedroom On A Budget


If there are any words to describe your bedroom they should be comfy and cozy. Your bedroom is the place where you should be able to rest and find comfort after a long day. We all crave a bedroom with all the cozy vibes and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to create the space where your dreams are literally made. If you’re wondering how you can bring some cozy comfort to your bedroom, we’ve got your covered. Check out this ideas for a cozy bedroom on a budget!


Bring on the Pillows and Blankets

Creating a comfy look will not be complete without a bed full of pillows and layered throws. It is safe to say you can never have enough pillows, for one, and layered throws are begging to be cuddled up in. Mix and match your pillows with different textures and add thick woven or faux fur throw to add a sleepy feel.

Paint an Accent Wall a Cozy Color

You can add a relaxing ambiance to your room by simply painting an accent wall with a warm, rich color. Dark hues, like emerald and onyx, will wrap you up in comfort and encourage sleep. If you are having trouble deciding which wall to paint, choose the wall your bed is up against for the perfect look.

Pick Out A Fabric Headboard

Create a more comfy feel to your bedroom by adding a plush headboard to your bedframe. A fabric headboard will give your bed a soft, sultry feel. If you need some inspiration, check out these custom made bedheads from Billys Beds.

Create a Canopy

Create a dreamy space by adding a canopy to your bed. Before you run out to the store and purchase a whole new bed frame, you can get the same look with a few simple materials that you may already have laying around your home. First, mount curtain rods to your ceiling that mirror your bed outline. Once your rods are in place, add sheer curtains and you’ve got yourself a canopy.

A Nook for Books

Reading nooks are a lovely add on to any room and provide a comfy spot to curl up in with a good book. Your reading nook will be complete when you choose a comfortable chair that you love to lounge in, a blanket, and all your favorite books on display.

Add Thrifty Finds

You can add a very personal feel to your bedroom with vintage pieces. Old tables, dressers, and chests are available for very little at thrift stores that you can add to your room for a timeless touch or recreate into something new to add some personality.

Decorate With a Foot Bench

Adding an upholstered foot bench to the end of your bed creates a warm, inviting feel to your bedroom. You can dress it up with more pillows and throws to really up the cozy feel, too.

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