Have a Bedbug Problem? Here’s the Solution

Have a Bedbug Problem? Here’s the Solution

Learn how to find and get rid of bed bugs from your bed so that you can have a good night’s sleep.


Are Evil Bedbugs Making You Crawl Wide Awake at Night?

After a tiring day of work and household chores, all a person wants is to rest in peace in their cozy bed. Yet if you have a bedbug infestation, a peaceful sleep becomes a distant dream. You will probably feel like something is swarming all over you, all the time, and do not forget the nasty bedbug bites that itch badly.

Fixing damaged walls or floors can already be an inconvenience, and now you have bed bugs to add to the list. Yet if you find the root of the infestation before it spreads to other places of the bed or even your house, you can easily get rid of the problem. However, it is more puzzling to identify these bed bugs than you can imagine.

These tiny brown creatures can be easily mistaken for other insects that reside in your carpets such as carpet beetles. If you fail to correctly identify a bedbug plague, this will give them the sweet opportunity to explore other ground and mark new territory. The last thing you want happening is a bedbug epidemic in your neighborhood.

What are Bedbugs and what do They Look Like?

Did you think mosquitoes were the only human blood-sucking creatures that existed? Well, bed bugs survive on human blood too. Bedbugs are typically oval-shaped, brown-colored insects that may look harmless from a distance but can steal your sleep away. They can be pretty fast on their legs but don’t worry, they can’t fly.

There are two types that we need to be aware of, matured bedbugs that are flat-looking, after feeding, they become fat and juicy and obtain a reddish color. The young bed bugs tend to shed their skin a few times before they reach maturity. The eggs of bed bugs are almost similar to a fleck of dust.

If you spot an area of your bed that looks like it could be a bedbug infestation, your best bet would be to immediately call a bed bug inspection company. The experts will know how to deal with these insects the right way.

Have a Bedbug Problem? Here’s the Solution

Common Hiding Place of Bedbugs

The flat shape of bedbugs’ is impossible to identify correctly and can easily be tagged along with anything that you bring home from outside such as used furniture, bags, clothes, and luggage. Once they are in, their minuscule size makes it easier for them to hide practically anywhere in the house.

More commonly, they are in the seams of mattresses, in any open cracks in the bed, in the creases of your curtains, on the cushions of your chairs and sofas, any hanging wall decor such as paintings, and basically in any small space in the house.

So if you end up finding bed bugs in your room, don’t stop there, make sure to look around in your whole house, they could be hiding anywhere because of their smallness they can fit in just about anything.

What are the Signs of Bedbug Infestation?

While changing your bedsheets, if you notice reddish stains on the sheet and mattress or if you have woken up to an annoying itch, you better start looking for those bugs and get rid of them as soon as you can. Sometimes you can even find live bed bugs just casually walking around your pillows.

You can also keep an eye out for, rusty marks on your sheet from dead bed bugs, a dark spot that look like a dot can be often mistaken as a marker or pen mark especially if you study on your bed, these are bed bug feces, pale yellow skins that are shed by the young bedbugs can also be found in their hiding place along with eggs or eggshells of the bedbug.

How to Get Rid of These Bed Bugs?

If you end up finding a bedbug infestation, don’t stress because there are many treatments available to drive these bedbugs away from your homes. Once you spot the infestation, start cleaning up as soon as possible.

First, begin with cleaning everything that was placed, that includes, pillows and pillowcases, sheets, and stuffed toys if any. Clean them spotless with hot water and dry them at very high temperatures. Leaving them under the sun is the smartest thing to do. Then move on to the mattress.

Grab a brush and begin cleaning the seams of your mattress. Once that is done vacuum out the mattress. Leave your mattress out in the sun for at least two days because bedbugs cannot tolerate heat, and they die pretty quickly if exposed to high temperatures.

Other Ways of Getting Rid of them

Do not buy used-up furniture, they are the most at risk to be infested with bedbugs, especially if they are very old. Conceal any cracks or openings present in walls or your furniture, this will give them less hiding place to survive in.

If you have paintings on the wall always make sure to check the backs. If you spot an infestation, make sure to replace the back of the painting or the entire painting if needed. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Chemical treatments are required to completely get rid of these creatures so don’t hesitate to call pest control.

Now You Can Sleep Serenely At Night and Say Goodbye to Bed bugs

Bedbugs are the most maddening blood-sucking creatures, and because  of their tiny size, they can hardly be seen with naked eyes unless they have sucked some of your blood, swelled up, and turned red. They can barely be identified and complicated to get rid of.

Hopefully, with all the above information, you will now be prepared for a war with these horrible little buggers.

Remember, the earlier you detect them the safer your home will be!

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