En Vogue in Tribeca

En Vogue in Tribeca

Location: Tribeca, Manhattan, New York, USA
Photo courtesy: One Fine Stay

In one of the capitals of fashion, Tribeca is where the trendsetters live and play. The cobblestoned streets here are lined with bucolic 1800s townhouses while the southwest part of the neighborhood is witnessing the rise of ultra-modern luxury buildings. This three bedroom, two bath home timelessly fuses the lines of a 19th century warehouse with mid century modern pieces.


The new look

The original hardwood beams of the warehouse run through the space, lending the home vintage appeal. The living room is a portrait of restrained chic: honey-coloured wood, a concrete coffee table and soft greige seats are the foil to the graceful arch of an Arco lamp and the shocking splash of Schiaparelli pink from an insouciant chair. In the dining room, a teak table aligns perfectly with the clean, modern lines of a set of Eames molded chairs. The kitchen, with its glossy white cabinets and circle cutouts may exhibit mod undertones. Fitted with no-nonsense stainless-steel appliances, one suspects meals whipped here will have you bursting at the seams. The study is the ideal spot for catching up with your favorite fashion news. Then, find the 60s in full swing in the boys’ bedroom, with its Warhol-esque baby portraits and Courrèges color-block all around. In sharp contrast, the master bedroom defines smoldering intimacy, done in sexy shades of a Helmut Newton photograph.


Living the haute life

In the most fabulous of New York neighbourhoods, you can indulge like it’s going out of style. Slip into a Richard Meier designed glass house to dine at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Perry Street, or venture farther south for Nobu Matsuhisa’s famous miso-inflected black cod. All dressed up and looking for somewhere to go? Try the Jimmy’s stunning 360-degree views of the New York skyline on for size.

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