3 Ways to Get Your Property Rental-Ready

3 Ways to Get Your Property Rental-Ready

Leasing out your property can be a great way of accruing income. However, competition is fierce, and attracting tenants can be difficult.  It is essential that your investment stands out from the crowd if you are to rent it out to the right person. Here are 3 ways to get your property rental-ready.

Spick and Span

Making your property neat and tidy is the best way to attract tenants.  Start from the outside and clean it from top to bottom. Wash the windows yourself or hire a professional window cleaner. While you are up high washing windows, check that the guttering around the roof perimeter is free from debris and also check for any missing roof tiles or other defects.

Ensure all living areas are as clean as they can be. Make your bathroom sparkle and free from grime and germs by replacing any discolored, old grouting and sealants around baths and showers, cleaning the toilet with bleach, and pouring chemical unblocker down plugholes.  If your property has had several tenants, this is of utmost importance as hair, and soap scum can build up in drains and block them.

Have carpets, curtains, and upholstery professionally cleaned by a company that does residential carpet cleaning. Cleaning these items will not only make your property look cleaner, but it will remove any stale, unpleasant smells left by previous residents.

Clean all surfaces in the kitchen and tidy out any clutter from cupboards. Give the oven, hob, refrigerator, and any other appliances a deep clean. Prospective tenants will most likely look in the oven, and there is nothing more off-putting than a filthy oven.

Curb Appeal

If your property looks good from the outside, there is an increased chance of it attracting viewers. If you wish to have professionals stay in your property, you might want to offer a low maintenance garden as full-time workers may not have a lot of spare time to devote to tending a garden. The front and rear gardens should be neat and tidy, windows and doors sealed and freshly painted, and lights, security cameras, and doorbells in good working order.

Safe and Sound

When leasing out a property, it is required by some local laws that you install smoke alarms in the property, deadbolt locks on doors, locks on windows, security lights, and, in some cases, a sprinkler system. It is a landlord’s responsibility to keep their tenants safe at all times.

If a tenant is disabled, a landlord must allow them to make changes to the property to make their life easier and more enjoyable. However, if these changes are costly or involve an extreme amount of upheaval, the landlord is not required by law to concede.

Insurance is essential when you are a landlord to protect yourself from liability for injuries that a tenant can suffer on your property if they are injured due to something being faulty in your property. Buildings insurance is another necessity to cover you financially for damage to your property.

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