The Wilton Residence by UXUS Design

The Wilton Residence by UXUS Design

Architects: UXUS Design
Location: Norwalk River Valley, Connecticut, USA
Area: 2339 sqft / 217 sqm
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Dim Balsem

The Wilton Residence is a 1930’s chasing hotel situated in the authentic heart of Connecticut. The home has a place with an American family, who in the wake of living in Europe for a long time came back to the US.

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The inside is an impression of their years living abroad with a mixed blend of high European contemporary configuration, individual tokens and a fantastic American style. UXUS needed to make a fusing so as to empower vitality a spearheading soul with the intrinsic solace of easy style – provincial yet inventive. Enlivened by Rustic Luxury and crucial excellence found in basic things, each space inside of the Wilton Residence oozes openness, identity and perky advancement.


At the point when outlining the spaces, a key target was to make an intriguing situation for the family and their visitors. Inside spaces praise the family’s stories, minutes and motivations with an unusual touc

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