I House by Agraz Arquitectos

I House by Agraz Arquitectos

Architects: Agraz Arquitectos
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Year: 2004
Photo courtesy: Mito Covarrubias

The merged work of Ricardo Agraz, Paolino de Vece and Santiago Ibarrarán added to an in number and clean structural idea that made the right environment to suit the needs of a solitary inhabitant.Having protection as an essential goal, the designers sought after the answer for an interesting method for abiding, drawing out a space where system groupings go to a negligible expression.

Casa I (1)

In this manner, perpetual inside spaces are the premise for the engineering arrangement, where a focal yard vanishes any conceivable boondocks in the middle of the diverse airs of the house.The inside reaches out to the outside, making a place that gives a starting for a light and shade dialog, a consistent stream in the middle of move and examination, and a harmony in the middle of client and onlooker of everything.

Casa I (2)

Scale assumes an imperative part in the spatial grouping keeping in mind the end goal to connect the primary plan in personal connection with the porch. In this way, dividers have been lessened to the base and have been changed over into a kind of packaging component that additionally upgrades the connection between what involves space in its most fundamental structure, and that which isolates it, permitting a characteristic follow-up of the house’s project.

Casa I (3)

The twofold stories corridor is the fundamental obligation of spatial components also. This is the spot where the unending dialog in the middle of volume and hole, light and shade, inside and outside starts, the spot where the vicinity of a solitary space with differing structures and airs additions sense.

Casa I (4)

A basic and clear building design that offers a simple perusing of itself and the task, as an endless grouping of each adjusted component held inside. A legitimate building design that deled with the east-west position of the site, and deliberately replied with the specified yard that allows” I” House to face southwards, having the fundamental façade confronting east, and ideally satisfying the customer’s desire

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